Mountain Town Casual – Updated

A little over a year ago I posted about simple, day in the life, outfits I wear.

Just a couple days ago I found myself in basically a newer version of the flannel look from the old post.  I’d purged the shirt a few months back for just being too short. Been on the hunt for a replacement pretty much ever since.  Found Old Navy’s boyfriend flannel but it sold out before I could buy it.  Reappeared last week on eBay.  Swoop.  The jeans were purged, as mentioned, just after the photo was taken. The newer dark wash ones are my go to these days.  Still have the blue boots, but wore my newer, plum version for a shot of color.


Old Navy BF flannel

I like the newer version so much more.  Fit is the main reason.  I need to remember it is THE most important factor. Proportion is worth paying attention to as well.  That little bit of length in the shirt makes a big difference.

“Flannel and Jeans – part Deux”.  Lol.


Quick copycat

I’m off to bed but thought I’d share an outfit pic for fun.  Worn yesterday to go out to dinner.  Funny thing – I’d had this cut out from a magazine before I realized the jacket I had recently bought was THIS jacket.  Guess I don’t stray too far from ‘my’ look.

I don’t often do copy looks but I had all the elements and was halfway there in my own head anyway before realizing the whole jacket thing.

inspiratiion jacket

I didn’t end up wearing the jacket as it was in the high 80’s down in NV, but liked this enough to file it away for another time.  Pardon the look in pic 1, my boyfriend caught me off guard.  Okay, off to bed.  See, I told you?  Quick one!

THE Dress

Or my LBD LOD – little olive dress.

This is a dress I bought at Ross of all places about 4 years ago.  I tried it on and asked the BF’s opinion.  He said, and I quote, “it looks like a paper bag”.  I left it behind.  Then realized he was crazy and just used to the more bodycon fit of the time, and went back the next day hoping it would still be there.  Things sell FAST at Ross, as we know.  It was.  I paid the $8, yes only $8, for my now most versatile dress I’ve ever owned.

I have the ubiquitous LBD, as prescribed.  It’s nice.  But I’ve worn it 3 times.  In over 4 years.  Yep.  Not THE dress for all occasions as I’ve been told.  At least not for my life.  Now, the olive dress . . . it works in FL and in Tahoe.  It’s neither too dressy nor too casual.  It is, well, just right.

Last weekend we got ready to go out on a dinner date.  I eagerly put on my newest red dress I wanted to wear.  Problem was, we were only going to Olive Garden at like 5:30.  Not exactly cocktail attire appropriate.  As BF rightly reminded me.  So, off came the red dress and on with the olive.  Perfect.  (I’ll save the red for after dark and a fancy restaurant.)

It was that night that I realized I’d had my ‘LBD’ all along.  My humble little ‘paper bag’ dress, as I affectionately think of it.

High/low mix outfit

I wore the Equipment Parker top with my Old Navy skirt last weekend out to dinner, then shuffleboard, and hit the casino scene for a bit and some impromptu dancing.  A high/low mix I really liked.  Finished with mesh silver belt and Madden cut out booties.



I liked the repeat of the silkiness in the fabrics, and the cut out theme in both the top and the shoes.  The show of leg, balanced by a higher neckline, but then the peek of arm, felt like just the right amount of sexiness for my age and mood.

At first I was concerned the color scheme seemed too fall/winter but keeping in mind that temps dip into the 40’s at night in my climate in summer, it felt seasonally appropriate.  That, and wearing it after dark.  😉

This marks a departure from my habit of ‘saving’ the good stuff.  A silk shirt that retails for over $200 would have, in the past, not made it out to such a casual, average night out.  But since I can only really dress to go out on the town maybe once a week, that leaves precious few times to wear the stuff I really love.  And that’s the point, right?  To actually wear all the cool stuff we buy!

Great skirt, not so great outfit.

I had an occasion to wear my A.L.C. Peter leather moto skirt the other night.  Went out for a nice steakhouse dinner.  But we were in a hurry, and I was sort of afraid of dressing up too much, so I chose not the best top to go with it.  My instinct was to grab a silky blouse (either my Equipment Parker or an H&M wrap drape front).  Instead I grabbed a berry cowl neck knit top.  Basically a kind of fancy tee shirt.

ALC Peter leather skirt

Finished with pointy berry suede slingbacks, which I love and would have worn with any of the above tops.  They are just about 2″, so not too high with such a short skirt.  Topped with my snakeskin patterned cotton blazer by Express.

Just the wrong top threw it all off.  Too casual.  The style was off.  The bottom hem covered the cool moto detailing of the skirt.  All of it.  To be honest, it made me question whether I really liked the skirt all that much after all.  Days later I came to my senses and realized it was just in need of better styling.

Next time I’m going with my instinct, too dressy or not.  Trying to compromise the look to fit in with my surroundings better didn’t work, and I shouldn’t have even tried it.  This is a statement skirt.  And to try and tone it down is counter intuitive.  I will be tucking in a nice blouse next time to show off the cool details and then I’ll decide how I feel about my designer leather skirt!

Recent shoes outfits

I know I said I’d be posting less frequently, and here I am doing another so soon.  I just thought I would share my recent outfits, even though I didn’t get outfit pics.  They feature my newest footwear, if not my newest clothing.

Most recently, I sort of have a pic.  Now, bear with me here.  I’d just run 11 miles and did a quick soak in the tub to ease my legs.  No time for hair or makeup, etc.  Met a friend (who’d just done her own 10 miles training) on the fly for lunch and a cool, refreshing beer.  Not glamorous in any way.  But, totally working on new laugh lines!!! 😀

run fun

The items:  Asos maxi dress and Rebels sandals with a scale cuff

The other sandals outfit was Friday before last, to go watch some live music and cruise the casino scene for a couple hours with some friends.

Items: Ralph Lauren red moto jeans, Rebels sandals, Leith tank, Nine West convertible pewter crossbody (lower right in pic), Ann Taylor cuff

Last outfit was with the new Dalmatian slipper flats in conjunction with the new Equipment split sleeve blouse.  Went to my hairdresser (same lady in the lunch pic above actually) for updo practice.  Got a fancy hairdo and then went to the Hard Rock Casino for lunch at their oyster bar with the BF.

The items:  Big Star Alex jeans (recently altered for a better waist fit), Equipment Parker blouse, Soludos flats


Today we went for brunch.  It is finally snowing, with flurries barely starting around noon. Not weather for light airy Easter dresses.  So, I put on my new track pants and used color accessories to put in the holiday touch.  Wool coat was ideal for the temps.

Track pants are great for a big meal, lol, but don’t photograph the best for ‘in action’ motion shots, as learned when BF surprised us all by picking up the Easter Bunny.  But vanity shouldn’t get in the way of good old fashioned fun!

rabbit around

Happy Easter!