I’m Mo, a mid 40’s California native who loves clothes but wants to shop responsibly for them.  Besides fashion, food and fitness are my other passions.  And wine.  Definitely wine.

Moderate for me means about 150 items in my closet.  100 articles of clothing, 20 coats and jackets, 30 pairs of shoes.  I don’t include accessories, but am not big on them in general.  I have maybe a dozen belts, half that many purses, and even less scarves and hats than that!
The goal is to have what I will wear, no more, no less.  I like variety, so 10 item wardrobes are not for me, nor neutral only, so that everything matches up endlessly.  To me it starts to all look too similar.  On the other hand, endless colors and styles and every iteration of an item leaves me with a closet that I might like to look at, but I can’t begin to wear all of what’s there.  Matching things up becomes problematic as well with too much choice.

That leaves me like Goldilocks – wanting a closet that’s just right.


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