Halfway Point

It has been months since I’ve posted.  I have been doing my bi-weekly shopping plan, and it’s been working just great.  I get ahead sometimes, but then catch back up to pace with a week or two off.  Mostly, though, I’m finding 2/3 of what I try needs to be returned.  This is mildly annoying but part and parcel (pun intended) of online shopping.

What I have had very little of, is new things that sit unworn in my wardrobe.  I have had a couple maybe not so great choices but most were home runs.  Maybe I’m being pickier knowing I can only have that ONE thing every couple weeks.  Maybe I’m homing in on what I truly need or will wear for my actual lifestyle.  Either way, I’m very happy with what I’ve bought this year.

At the halfway point, here is what I’ve bought, and returned:


The returns are higher than I’d like, but again, better to send it back than keep it and not wear it.  I’m a bit on autopilot with my shopping these days – in a good way.  Not much obsessing and when I do, I am now just getting the dang item.  Half the time it’s not as great as I hoped/thought it would be.  But then I’m freed up from searching and hunting and price comparisons for hours online.

I will always like clothes and like to shop, but I feel like it is settling in the proper priority spot in my life and that’s the real goal of moderation for me.  This means less focus, and less posts, about my process.  That’s only natural.  I will be sure to stop back at least for the 3/4 mark and of course year end.  But maybe not much more than that.  And that’s a good thing.  Really.