Shopping List 2016 at year’s end

It may not be the end of the calendar year, but it is the end of my shopping year.  I’ve spent my budget (plus about $50 over – oops) and so I’m done.   I’m super happy with how my year’s shopping ended up, despite my late summer mini binge that had me worried for a bit.

Here is what I bought off my list (in blue):


I got some faux Uggs last minute on a good sale, and will instead wait for next year for the sneakers. The jeans I’d ordered ended up being keepers, so that slot is filled.  I did not get a coat or a pair of shorts, but I did overbuy in my dresses category. Everything else felt just about right.  I am cutting back even a bit more next year, with just about one less of every category, but feel ready for that.  I’m in a good place with not many true wardrobe gaps.

I am glad I started listing the basics and gear in with everything else.  It helped me to not view them as sideline items that don’t really count.  They do count.  Maybe more than the other items given my lifestyle and job uniform needs.

My list looks different at the end of year than the beginning.  It changes with my whims and what’s out in the stores.  But that’s fine.  As long as my amount (allotted spaces) stays under control I’m good.  My issue has always been too much stuff, not too much money spent.

One thing I have noticed about this year’s more lifestyle driven purchases is that I am getting a lot more wear out of what I have bought.  In past years I got a lot of ‘pretties’ that I’d wear once or twice by the time the year was up.  This year most things are over 3 wears, and many up  to a dozen.  Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Shopping List 2016 at year’s end

  1. I’m really impressed with how targeted your 2016 shopping was, Mo! I know you bought more dresses than you planned, but I think it’s good that you subbed them in for other items on your list instead of just having them be additional items. I also agree with what you wrote about listing out gear items, too. Those things count, especially for those of us who spend so much time wearing them. I think that if we include them on our lists (even if they are not part of our every other week purchases), we will take them more seriously and not leave them as an afterthought. I’m struggling a bit at the moment because I need more workout tops and pajama tops, but I have to wait until next year due to taking my budget right up to the edge. But at least I am becoming more aware of what will best serve my needs. I plan to start 2017 out with a good plan and I hope the end next year as well as you did this one!

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