Budget Breakdown 2016

Seems it’s that time of year again, as I did this post almost to the day last year.  Guess I’m on an internal clock of sorts lol.


I got to tallying.  This time I included every last thing.  Socks, work shoes, whatever.  Most of my under $10 items are basics like underwear and under layers.  Only one dress and one white tee shirt came in under the $10 mark.  2 items were purged, one of them being $8 plastic sandals that were terrible, and the other a $22 pair of jogger pants that shrank the first wash 😦

  • Under $10 – 7 items for a $49 total
  • $10 to $25 – 13 items for a $204 total
  • $26 to $50 – 15 items for a $533 total
  • $51 to $100 – 8 items for a $506 total
  • over $100 – 1 item for $110 total

I should note that gifts are also included in these amounts, namely 2 cashmere sweaters from last Christmas’s gift money.  Even though it’s not my money, it is money I am allocating toward clothing.  My last purchase of the year is the only one over $100 and it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, so it may end up going back.  If so, I’m still shopping in a relatively mid to low range – under $100, mostly around $30 or so.   I thought I was spending at a higher price point this year but the numbers don’t bear that out.

Next year is the year of limiting the number of purchases, and not the budget.  That said, I will not be going out buying whatever catches my eye willy nilly, with no care as to cost.  But I really have been wanting to get over the bargain mindset for years now.

Perhaps my spending parameters will look more like this:

  • 6 items under $25
  • 10 items between $25 and $75
  • 10 items over $75

That would be up to $150 in low end purchases, around $500 in mid range, and $750 to maybe a cool grand in the higher range.  About the same expenditure, just spread out differently.  Ideally, the stricter limit on number of items will finally allow me the mental room to spend more per item, and bring up the overall quality of my wardrobe.  That’s the hope!


List Update Fall 2016

I am nearing the end of the shopping year and down to the last crumbs of my budget.  I have $100 left.  I got carried away late summer, as I talked about already.  That left me with 3 high priority purchases for the rest of the year – jeans, sneakers, and a sweater.  I got the sweater and decided to make room for a dress I want for an upcoming vacation at the end of this month.  I may or may not be able to purchase both the jeans and the sneakers with the remaining $100.  I’m fine with only getting one or the other.  The rest can wait until 2017 shopping season.

Here is what my list looks like for the year:



As you can see,  I overbought in the dresses category and under purchased sweaters.  It should come as no surprise that I now need sweaters more than anything else lol.  This is why I have a list to start with, so I don’t get too lopsided in any one category.  I need to watch my dresses category more closely, as I historically like to buy them more than I do actually wear them.  Next year I have room for only 2.

I didn’t get a coat or shorts, which is fine.  I have plenty of both.  Accessories also got little to no attention this year.  That does not surprise me.  I can use the same bag for up to 3 years straight without a care.  I have plenty of jewelry considering my wear rates (maybe once a week I’ll put on a necklace or bracelet).

What I did get a lot of was basics and active wear.  I hadn’t tended to this category much and it showed.  I now feel that I’m up to date with all categories and am looking forward to a balanced year next year of replacements and updating across the board.


Speaking of next year, here is what I have right now in my head.  Things often change as the seasons roll out and what I thought I wanted gets replaced with a newer choice.


I’m excited for 2017.  I think my closet is in a very balanced place and I’m ready for a metered out pace of updating to keep things current.  Just enough to keep injecting a little fun and some trends.

This fall went off the rails a little bit but I’m course correcting and all is good.  I won’t buy much of anything for the next 2 months but I have enough to get by.  I won’t make this same mistake next year, though!