Checking In – What I’ve Bought So Far

Almost halfway through the year, it’s about time I get to listing what I’ve purchased!  I used to keep a running total of the ‘out and about’ clothes I wear to get dressed up to go move about in the world.  I had a separate list, below that main one, of basics and gear and layer or lounge pieces.  This year I decided to put them all together.  Truth be told, I was buying just as much of the little extras I wasn’t counting in my item total.  And quite honestly, with my lifestyle, I spend far more time wearing the ‘extras’ than I do the going out clothes.  So, no more demotion to second stage for them!  They’re part of the group now. 😉

Here is what I have purchased as of the end of May:

2016 budget June2016 so far

Two items have been purged.  One (the blue jogger pants) shrunk, and the other (jelly sandals) were just terrible quality and I never even wore them.  They were an impulse $8 buy online that just didn’t work out.  Win some, lose some.  Also in my totals are three gifts.  The cashmere sweaters were bought with Christmas money and my red Toms were ordered with a birthday gift card.  For now, I am including these dollar amounts in my yearly total even though it was not technically my money spent on them.  I still see it as money I allocated toward a clothing purchase.

Including $30 in return postage and $25 in alterations, I have spent $622 for the year so far.  This equates to $125/month, which is alarmingly right on track for the $1500 I envisioned spending for the year.

I thought I was pretty much set for clothes this year and just looking to update and refresh in general.  I’m seeing that, although that might be the case, wardrobe upkeep still means buying regularly.  For me, at least.  With what I know now about my wear rates, and desire for variety – I realize my buying rates will continue at about a 3 item per month average.  This allows for a basic of some sort most every month, with the other items being a new trend and a replacement or upgrade for a garment that is wearing out.  This seems like a reasonable and sustainable plan for me.

That’s where I’m at for 2016 so far.  How’s your shopping plan panning out?  On track?  If not, do you have a method in place to get back on track?  Or maybe your plan just needs adjusting to your reality.  😉


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