Mountain Town Casual – Updated

A little over a year ago I posted about simple, day in the life, outfits I wear.

Just a couple days ago I found myself in basically a newer version of the flannel look from the old post.  I’d purged the shirt a few months back for just being too short. Been on the hunt for a replacement pretty much ever since.  Found Old Navy’s boyfriend flannel but it sold out before I could buy it.  Reappeared last week on eBay.  Swoop.  The jeans were purged, as mentioned, just after the photo was taken. The newer dark wash ones are my go to these days.  Still have the blue boots, but wore my newer, plum version for a shot of color.


Old Navy BF flannel

I like the newer version so much more.  Fit is the main reason.  I need to remember it is THE most important factor. Proportion is worth paying attention to as well.  That little bit of length in the shirt makes a big difference.

“Flannel and Jeans – part Deux”.  Lol.