2016 – Intuitive Shopping

Sorry it’s been few and far between posts lately.  Life has really gotten stressful.  I do have a shopping plan for 2016 and a rough budget of $1500.  But this year I want to focus less on stringent rules and exact numbers (3 items per month or no more than 15 dresses for example).  Sure, I want to keep within the guidelines that I’ve found work for me but I want to be much more organic with my approach to shopping itself.  Less hunting down of an item and more happening upon it at some point throughout the year.

I also want to get more realistic with buying what I really wear day in and day out.  Yes, that means loungewear and layer pieces and underwear and all that not so fun to buy stuff.  But man, does it feel good to live in pieces that are just right and not leftovers that are demoted on their way to being tossed out.  If I wear a shirt under my uniform polo every work day, I am happy that it is a super soft modal blend that I went and bought solely for that purpose.  Yes, it cost $40, and no, no one really ‘sees’ it, but I feel it.  Almost every day.  Those are the kinds of purchases I’m talking about.

To add to the mix, I may be moving back to FL again at the end of the year.  Maybe not, but the possibility is definitely there.  I’ve said before the size of my wardrobe is impacted by the fact that I live between two opposing climates.  This continues to be a factor even when I think we’ve finally moved back ‘for good’.  Nothing is guaranteed.  I did make my template before the thought of going back to FL reentered the picture.  It is Tahoe centric lol.  I still have lots of FL clothing from prior years.

With all of that out of the way, here is how this year is panning out so far:

2016 shop

And here is how the budget is shaping up so far.  I start my shopping year the first day of winter (Dec. 22) but I ‘fudged’ with Black Friday sales on the sweaters.  I did this last year, too.  I think I can safely say that I will PRE-spend my xmas gift money on Black Friday.  That’s okay.  Like I said, less stringent rules, more going with the flow.  😉

2016 spent so far


I’m about $225 into my budget.  I don’t foresee any big ticket items this year like boots or leather coats.  Maybe a handbag if I see just the right one.  Instead, I envision more purchases at retail of exactly what I want vs sale shopping for a good enough version.  This will be a big change.  Of course, I won’t stop sale shopping, but it won’t be the driving factor.  I imagine happening upon an item on my list that’s just the one, and buying it right then and there, will be a nice feeling.

So that’s the deal with my shopping plan for 2016.  Much of the same ideas as before but with different intent.