Not getting ‘Dressed’

I know it’s been a while.  I’ve had one thing after another going on this month that has lead to me not getting dressed to go out into the world.  I’ve been sick or working in uniform or staying at the house for repairs.  Essentially, life can get messy sometimes.  It’s messy this month.  I had exactly one day that I put on my distressed slogan sweatshirt, faux blue Uggs and python print skinnies.  That’s it since my vacation that ended Nov 3rd.

So you’d think now more than ever I would not be shopping.  Well, not exactly.  I did succumb to a Black Friday sale on cashmere sweaters I’ve been wanting.  I know that a Christmas check from a certain relative will cover this and I can view it as an early xmas present.  A similar thing happened last year.  I’m wondering if I should adjust my calendar shopping year to start just after Thanksgiving instead of the first day of winter.  I’m not sure yet.  I can still just as easily consider them early purchased gifts.  I won’t be buying anything more before the calendar officially declares winter, so they are a bit of an outlying thing.  For now I guess I’ll leave them as early gifts.  Heck, they might not even work out and be returned, and this will all be for naught!

What I have been wearing a lot is layer/lounge/sleep capsule items.  Many tops go under my uniform polo and then at night stay on under my flannel PJ’s while I lounge, and then I sleep in the shirt, putting it in the clothes hamper in the morning.   It goes through the 3 cycles of layer, then lounge, then sleep.  Keeps my flannel sleep sets going for more than just one night before washing, too. Glad I at least paid attention to this category this year since it’s really becoming the backbone of my daily wear.

I do hope life gets back into a normal swing and I can get out and about and wear my stuff.  Maybe tomorrow (fingers crossed that my current plumbing issue is fixed by then).  I even have an outfit picked out since I put it together in my head 2 weeks ago.  lol.  Life!


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