5 Weeks Left

In my shopping year.  And I have $30 to spare 🙂  I recently spent over at Express for some sweaters, a dress and a clutch bag.  Two of the items were basically replacements or upgrades (the purple sweater and shirt dress) but the other two were just for fun.

I also picked up a just for fun faux fur vest on impulse while searching for fleece lined leggings in town.  Struck out on the leggings so I went online again with Antropologie for some highly rated ones I hope work out.

I suppose this constitutes my ‘fall shop’.  Hunh.  Hadn’t even occurred to me that way.  Silly me.  And as I’d hoped seasonal shopping would, it’s made me feel satisfied and not wanting for more for a while.

I do have my eyes out for a windowpane flannel shirt, but that’s it until winter rolls around. I passed on my buffalo plaid flannel to a girlfriend when I realized it had shrunk and would fit her much better.  The windowpane is a replacement/update for it.  Actually, I’m finding myself in a place where much of what I want is to replace or upgrade items that are tiring out or don’t fit as well as I’d like – either due to shrinkage or my body shape subtly changing.

My wardrobe feels ‘full’ and I have the sense of enough right now, which is awesome.  Looking forward to next year I’d love to just be fine tuning things and grabbing the occasional trend or fun item to breathe life into what I already have.  As an aside, I see that 15 is my comfortable max for categories.  15 jackets/coats, 15 dresses, 15 pants/jeans.  This amount fulfills my desire for variety without too many outliers that don’t get wear.  I’d guess 20% (or 3 of each category) gets little wear, but that’s fine with me.  As long as the bulk of it gets out and about.

Here is what I bought off my shopping list this year:


Some things got subbed out.  I did not get a single tank top nor pair of shorts.  Understandable, as my climate changed and I had plenty on hand from recently living in FL.  I ended up buying no less than 3 vests instead – and I’ve never before been able to make vests work for me, but these are much less traditional, so I think that’s key.  The track pants in place of shorts I sent to my aforementioned shorter GF last week, as they sadly shrank in the wash.

No coat, but I did get a berry wool coat at the very end of fall last year, so it feels fresh still.  I bought far fewer shoes than I’d anticipated, and more accessories.

I’m incorporating all this info into next year’s plan. Much like we have to dress for the body we have today, we also have to shop for the life we live today.  And life in the Sierra Nevadas has little need for shorts and tanks!

Addendum:  Shockingly, this means I will come in on/under budget and item limit this year.  Maybe a first?  Hopefully the start of many on target years to come!

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