Checking in on the budget breakdown

I posted what I envisioned my rough budget breakdown would look like for 2015 some time back

Now it has come to pass and it’s time to see if I was on the mark.  If the 4 fall items I have on order work out (3 sweaters from Express and an Equipment silk shirt), this is how my ‘out in the world’ category of items breaks down:

Under $15 – 3 items (2 purged unworn – the only purged purchases this year)
$15 to $24 – 7 items
$25 to $49 – 12 items
$50 to $99 – 4 items ($355 total)
$100 & up – 3 items ($375 total)

My ‘basics’ fell under the $25 mark and my uniform needs averaged around $40. These items were not included in the breakdown above.  They total about $500 this year, $250 each for basics and uniforms.  I expect both to be less next year – maybe $350 total.

If I were to tally what the retail cost of my wardrobe is, it would double, no doubt.  Heck, the most expensive item, a $160 designer leather skirt, alone retailed for $600!  So, I’m not sure the point really of all this, but it is good to see that I can find exactly what I like at a price point I feel no guilt over.  And I was pretty much on point with how I spend my cash.

I suppose going forward I can gently up the ante by moving up a tier while buying less.  Make the bulk of my purchases the $50 – $99 items, move the low end up a notch to $20 – $49, shaving off the under $15 purchases almost entirely, and still allow for some $100+ items.

Curious to see how, once again, it shakes out.


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