Shopping Plan for 2016

This year I used a template for my shopping, alongside my usual running excel spreadsheet of itemized purchases.  It seems to be working well for me.

I am going to go ahead with 2016 using the same idea but with some minor changes.


First big change is including more of my ‘other’ items.  These are the things like layer tanks and running capris.  Not things I consider in my out in the world outfits, but items I need to buy for my life, regardless.  As I’m coming around more and more to buying for my real life, I need to find a way to include these items, as they are used as much as, or even more than, the ‘fun’ stuff we all shop for.

Second change is eliminating tank/short slv/long slv for my tops categories.  I found I didn’t buy any tanks at all, just 2 vests, and that my categories weren’t reflecting my shopping reality now that I’m out of the FL climate.  Warm weather/cold weather is much more intuitive.

I also changed from separate sweaters and jackets categories to simply ‘toppers’.  Again, this is more in line with how I really shop.  I found a pleather/knit drape front jacket this year instead of the same in an all knit sweater, as I had on my list.  Same difference.  Don’t care if it’s a jacket instead of a sweater – it’s a drape front topper.  

The last struggle for me now is to hone in on the seasonal shopping.  I’m doing better.  A lot better.  But I still buy pretty steadily throughout the year.  Ideally, I’ll get to where I buy most things in the first month, then taper off for a month or two, finishing with a seasonal refresher at the season’s end.

That’s the plan.  I imagine I’ll be spending less than 2015 since I have few if any real wardrobe holes.  I don’t have a set limit but would like to spend around $1500 vs the close to $2000 I’ll hit this year.

Do you have a plan for next year?  Did you have one for this year, and if so, are you on course, or do you need to rethink how you shop?


2 thoughts on “Shopping Plan for 2016

  1. Hi, Mo! I’d been struggling all year to achieve my ‘less but better’ goals and then something clicked somewhere in the summer/early fall. I am now on track and plan to have a similar schedule for next year with a few minor tweaks. I’m going to track my beauty/cosmetics spending next year, too.

    There was a conversation in recent weeks on YLF about an article whose author didn’t buy anything under $150, and I’m going to adapt it to my own budget – nothing below $50. I think that’ll get me completely out of ‘bargain-hunting even if I don’t need it’ mode.

    I’m still tracking by season, and trying to do most of my buying at the beginning of the season. When I realize a wardrobe hole, or find an item I really like, I write it down on my wardrobe file, and then try to make the buying decisions all at once rather than piecemeal, so I can prioritize appropriately. There are always returns and fit problems and things that don’t work out like you think they will, so it doesn’t work 100%, but it’s an improvement over my previous lack of structure.

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