Where to Put Your Money

I’ve been thinking more and more on how my clothing budget is panning out.  About $1650 spent so far for the year.  Roughly $250 on basics and $250 on uniform wear, with alterations and return shipping fees rounding out to $150.  That makes my ‘regular clothing’ category the remaining $1000 so far.  I have less than 3 months left in the shopping year and expect I’ll get to $2000 if I find the fall/winter items on my list.

One third of my clothing budget is going to those categories that make up the backbone of what I wear every day.  Awesome!  Going forward, I’m thinking I can shave off a bit here and a bit there to get to $500 spent on the basics, uniforms, and incurred costs (shipping etc), with $1000 going to the ‘fun’ stuff.  Still the same percentage going toward each category, just trimming the fluff a bit.  Total budget of $1500, down from a projected $2000 this year.

Having started a new job this last year had me getting a uniform together from scratch. From here on out, it shouldn’t cost near as much.  Now I can just replace and update.  Same as I will be doing for exercise gear, sleep wear, and layer/lounge items.  Actually, I’m finally at a point where most my wardrobe is in place and replacing and updating should be all I need in any category.  There are no true gaping wardrobe holes.  Just wants.

I figure I could very reasonably do:
$150 for uniform – likely just one, maybe 2 pairs of black pants and one pair of shoes.
$200 for basics – foundations, one workout, one lounge, and one PJ set, plus any layering needs like camis or leggings
$150 for incurred costs – return shipping, alterations

That leaves $1000 for everything else.  My ‘out in the world’ capsule, if you will.  Could mean twenty-five $40 items, or ten $100 gems, or any mix thereof.  Plenty to play with.  I have been in wardrobe building phase for the last 3 to 5 years if I think about it.  Before was just a mess of cheap stuff I’d accumulated.  But these last years of planned and conscientious buying has landed me in a good place where a lot of needs are met.  I’ve been gradually purchasing big ticket items.  I have my leather jacket(s) and boots.  I have my winter wool coat(s), leather pants and skirt, and even the designer wrap dress.  I have my interview suit and my funeral dress. That meant spending the bulk of my budget on these items, neglecting the basics in the process.  Finally, I’ve caught up in both places.

I am now in a want vs need mode, which is really great.  Makes me wish I’d started sooner 😉  Anyway, a cool grand should be plenty to still enjoy new looks and not feel I can’t afford what I want.  I’m not a fan of setting up goals I’m bound to fail at.  A year ago I still needed to spend the cash on those neglected basics. I’m ready now for the reduced budget.  Ready to spread the money both where it’s needed and still have enough for the new seasonal refreshers.

I’m confident that I can still have fun with clothes, get what I truly need for my lifestyle, and not feel constrained by cost with this budget for 2016.  Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Where to Put Your Money

    • Not planning on ‘putting’ it anywhere in particular. Just want to spend less if I can and still enjoy a working wardrobe that’s current.
      Maybe $20 wine instead of $10 for dinners? 😀


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