2015 Shopping Plan – progress at the 3/4 mark

Okay, so fall is 2 weeks away, but I’m not buying anything before then so I thought I’d check in on my 2015 shopping – the plan vs the reality.  I’m doing pretty well with my totals so far – yay!  The seasonal part, not so much.

I started out the year with the seasonal shopping plan in mind, and got 7 items in the first ‘big shop’ month.  Then, things sort of fell back into old patterns.  Starting in spring, I see I’m back to averaging 3 items a month.  So I only did the seasonal shopping for winter.

As a reminder, here is how I imagined a shift to seasonal shopping might pan out for me:


This leaves me thinking about whether I simply lost focus, or if I’m better suited to a slow and steady year round shopping cycle.

Another part of shopping is of course budget.  I did not have a set amount, but rather a rough idea of what I’d be spending.  I’m at $1500 for the year, which is on track for a $2,000 total by year’s end.  I’m okay with this.  Fully 1/3 of this amount is spent on basics/essentials/uniforms.  While this is awesome (I’m spending a lot of money where I NEED to) it leaves me questioning why I have so much of my budget sort of ‘pushed aside’ and not included in my main list.

others shop 2015

I also don’t usually count these items in my closet totals.  But they are a part of my wardrobe.  An important part, being that I wear these items more than any of my ‘going out’ clothing.  Again, this leaves me questioning my methods.  They do need to be included, but how?

I’m thinking of adjusting next year’s shopping list to summarily include some basics and gear.  Not as detailed as item by item, but maybe just a slot for ‘underwear’ that includes a set of socks, bras, and panties.  A slot for lounge/layer that includes leggings and camis. That sort of thing.

2016 shop plan

I dunno, I’m still in the working it out phase.  But I feel like not including them is somehow not really being accountable to where my shopping dollars and focus are going.

At any rate, that’s it for now, 3/4 the way through the year.  Did you embark on a seasonal approach, and if so did you stick with it?  What tips do you have for those like me who seem to keep the steady stream coming in instead?