THE Dress

Or my LBD LOD – little olive dress.

This is a dress I bought at Ross of all places about 4 years ago.  I tried it on and asked the BF’s opinion.  He said, and I quote, “it looks like a paper bag”.  I left it behind.  Then realized he was crazy and just used to the more bodycon fit of the time, and went back the next day hoping it would still be there.  Things sell FAST at Ross, as we know.  It was.  I paid the $8, yes only $8, for my now most versatile dress I’ve ever owned.

I have the ubiquitous LBD, as prescribed.  It’s nice.  But I’ve worn it 3 times.  In over 4 years.  Yep.  Not THE dress for all occasions as I’ve been told.  At least not for my life.  Now, the olive dress . . . it works in FL and in Tahoe.  It’s neither too dressy nor too casual.  It is, well, just right.

Last weekend we got ready to go out on a dinner date.  I eagerly put on my newest red dress I wanted to wear.  Problem was, we were only going to Olive Garden at like 5:30.  Not exactly cocktail attire appropriate.  As BF rightly reminded me.  So, off came the red dress and on with the olive.  Perfect.  (I’ll save the red for after dark and a fancy restaurant.)

It was that night that I realized I’d had my ‘LBD’ all along.  My humble little ‘paper bag’ dress, as I affectionately think of it.


2 thoughts on “THE Dress

  1. I love your LOD! It looks fabulous on you and I can see how it would be very versatile for your life. The red dress is beautiful, too, but it stands out more and looks dressier, which will limit how often you can wear it. The post makes me think of how people can get into trouble when they follow the prescribed advice about what we need to have in our closets. Not everyone will want to wear a LBD, white button-down, black blazer, black pumps, or whatever else the “experts” are recommending. But in many cases, as you illustrated here, there is a similar alternative that will serve us very well. When I first started watching “What Not to Wear,” I rushed out to buy the types of items they recommended, but many of them just didn’t work for my ultra-casual Southern California life. I don’t have a lot of use for blazers and pumps, so most of them were rarely worn. We need to be our own experts! We can take in the advice, but we always need to evaluate how it will work for us and our individual needs.

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  2. Mo, your LBD 9 (Little Basic Dress) looks fantastic and Olive gene is a great neutral for you. I agree with Debbie — we need to modify the top 10 ” Must Haves” to better suit our lifestyle, personal style and colouring. I too have a casual lifestyle so my LBD is a dark denim shirtdress that I can dress up or down for a variety of casual occassions with accessories. Black isn’t the best neutral for everyone (however, Coco Chanel looked stunning in black). Some of us would look better in neutrals/quasi neutrals such as brown, grey, navy, burgundy, olive, teal, plum, rust, tan, etc.

    A while back you wrote about whether a white button-up shirt was really a good essential wardrobe item and whether or not another type of top would be more wearable. I think the intent here is to have a versatile top in your most flattering neutral which may mean a denim shirt, a cream or grey t-shirt, a jersey top in olive, navy, or white.

    As Bridgette Raes would ask “Where are you going in that?” If I can’t think of one occasion I would wear an item of clothing in a two-week period, then I don’t buy it. Your very versatile “LOD” is a wiiner and we all need hero pieces in our wardrobe.

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