High/low mix outfit

I wore the Equipment Parker top with my Old Navy skirt last weekend out to dinner, then shuffleboard, and hit the casino scene for a bit and some impromptu dancing.  A high/low mix I really liked.  Finished with mesh silver belt and Madden cut out booties.



I liked the repeat of the silkiness in the fabrics, and the cut out theme in both the top and the shoes.  The show of leg, balanced by a higher neckline, but then the peek of arm, felt like just the right amount of sexiness for my age and mood.

At first I was concerned the color scheme seemed too fall/winter but keeping in mind that temps dip into the 40’s at night in my climate in summer, it felt seasonally appropriate.  That, and wearing it after dark.  😉

This marks a departure from my habit of ‘saving’ the good stuff.  A silk shirt that retails for over $200 would have, in the past, not made it out to such a casual, average night out.  But since I can only really dress to go out on the town maybe once a week, that leaves precious few times to wear the stuff I really love.  And that’s the point, right?  To actually wear all the cool stuff we buy!


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