Numbers – How often can I wear what I have?

It has been a while since I did some number crunching.  I’ve been very busy working (in uniform) and had little time to blog, or wear my ‘street’ clothes for that matter.  Today I have some time to get back to analyzing my wardrobe.

I’ve still been buying even though I’ve been very rarely wearing my clothes lately.  I keep an eye open for items on my list even if I don’t need them immediately.  This is great in amassing a nice wardrobe, but can get out of control if you lose touch with what you really can wear versus just collecting nice clothes.  Luckily, I have also been very on top of paring down what isn’t getting worn anymore.  My closet numbers are actually steadily slowly going down.  I know I still have more than I need.  But I have less than ever before.

In light of this fact, I got to figuring what I could reasonably wear of what I own, given my uniform for work and the seasons where I live.  (I have split my time over the last decade living between Florida and Tahoe, but we aim to stay put here in the mountains so my seasons will now reflect that.)

I work 2 jobs, both in uniforms.  I figured on a somewhat generous estimate of wearing street clothes 3 days per week.  This could include just for a few hours out to dinner after a shift, or going to lunch with a GF after a run.  I think it’s important to understand fully how you really wear your clothes. Sometimes my day off means only running clothes and then loungewear.  It doesn’t always follow a, b, c – casual for weekend, etc, etc.  With that in mind, here is what my wearing rates look like with my ‘dozen’ wardrobe.


wear rates

As you can see, nothing gets worn more than 10 times!!  The skirts get 2 wears each in the heat, and then another 4 wears in the temperate shoulder seasons, for a total of 6 wears.  The pants, 5 wears in winter and then about half of them get another 4 wears in the shoulder season.  This is all averaged out, obviously.  No one wears their clothes exactly evenly in every category.  But it’s a good starting point to realizing just how often your items can actually ‘come out to play’.


4 thoughts on “Numbers – How often can I wear what I have?

  1. This is like catnip to a cost-per-wear-obsessed girl like me. I have to tell you, your previously discussed concept of 12 of an item = 13 wears per season (assuming a 26 week season) was profound to me. It’s so simple yet says it all. I have yet to figure out why I feel that I wear things all the time, when the numbers prove its not true. Any ideas on that?

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  2. Ha – catnip! I think maybe the fact that we don’t evenly wear our clothes in a category affects the wear numbers. Sure, we may figure 6 skirts for temperate season worn 4 times, but maybe in reality wear 2 skirts a lot, find one too dressy, another maybe too hard to pair with transitional footwear, etc, etc. I don’t actually track CPW exactly but would guess this to be the case.
    Also, we tend to wear our newer things. So perhaps 3 of the skirts are over 2 years old, and 2 of them are brand new this season. I can guess which would likely get double the wears 😉


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