Great skirt, not so great outfit.

I had an occasion to wear my A.L.C. Peter leather moto skirt the other night.  Went out for a nice steakhouse dinner.  But we were in a hurry, and I was sort of afraid of dressing up too much, so I chose not the best top to go with it.  My instinct was to grab a silky blouse (either my Equipment Parker or an H&M wrap drape front).  Instead I grabbed a berry cowl neck knit top.  Basically a kind of fancy tee shirt.

ALC Peter leather skirt

Finished with pointy berry suede slingbacks, which I love and would have worn with any of the above tops.  They are just about 2″, so not too high with such a short skirt.  Topped with my snakeskin patterned cotton blazer by Express.

Just the wrong top threw it all off.  Too casual.  The style was off.  The bottom hem covered the cool moto detailing of the skirt.  All of it.  To be honest, it made me question whether I really liked the skirt all that much after all.  Days later I came to my senses and realized it was just in need of better styling.

Next time I’m going with my instinct, too dressy or not.  Trying to compromise the look to fit in with my surroundings better didn’t work, and I shouldn’t have even tried it.  This is a statement skirt.  And to try and tone it down is counter intuitive.  I will be tucking in a nice blouse next time to show off the cool details and then I’ll decide how I feel about my designer leather skirt!


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