I’m still here!

I realize it’s been another 2 weeks gone by.  I’m working in uniform 5 days a week at least right now.  Lately my days off have been in gear, either running, or swimming, or playing tennis.  So, not many ‘out in the world’ outfits to speak of.  I did wear a sundress last week for lunch with my BF.  watercolor dressAnd shorts with a cool drapey red T-shirt today.   

But that’s about it.

Today while I was out, one stop was to pick up more alterations.  Changed out some thin, stringy straps for bra friendly ones on my dalmatian tank and upgraded buttons on a cheap eBay cargo skirt for metal like ones.  Small details, but big difference in wearability and that extra style oomph.

My other recent fashion related news was visiting the Old Navy website in search of a simple summer tank dress.  (I returned the blush Forever 21 swing dress mentioned in my last post. WAY too big.)  I realized I wanted a less fancy version as well.

I got to within an inch of ordering 4 different things (to make the free shipping of course).  Then I paused.  Left it overnight and into the next day.  I realized I was searching and mostly ‘making do’ with what choices were available.  If I had walked by those items in a store like Ross, I’d have kept walking.

One thing I did stumble upon, quite by happenstance, was a cargo skirt like the failed one I tried from H&M some months back.  I came back to it a day and a half later to find the 15% off sale was now 30%.  Well, alright.  Yes, I paid $7 for shipping.  But the out of pocket was pretty much the same.  Close enough anyway, to not have 3 other items to hem and haw about and maybe keep when I really shouldn’t. skirtToday there is now a 35% sale and free shipping.  But I can’t suspend my life around finding the very best deal every time.  I think I got a fair price and I’m okay with it.  Period.  I’m a bargain shopper but I’m not obsessed.

What I am, increasingly, is happier with my own wardrobe than what is available out there.  This is a wonderful thing.


2 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. I agree that there are many times when I realize I’m happier with the clothes I already own than what I see in the stores and online. I have a bad habit of getting excited about new clothes, then being disappointed with them in some way after wearing them only once or twice. That’s a feeling I’m trying hard to avoid with future purchases.

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