Another Buying Burst

Seems I’m either a) influenced by what I’m reading and seeing, or b) finally finding items on my ‘hit list’, or c) upgrading tired items in my closet.  At any rate, I’m shopping.  3 items in about 48 hours. The good news is, since I have a defined list, I am not bargain hunting myself into a tizzy – simply finding the item and purchasing.  Yes, I look for coupon codes and free shipping, etc.  Always will.  And I found both. 🙂

The first thing I bought last night was a drape front jacket.  I had a convertible/drape front sweater on my list for the year.  This is a kind of mixed media pleather and cotton.  Perfect substitute – as I was really looking for a ‘topper’ more than a sweater vs a jacket.  And, as I got to thinking on it further, it’s pretty much a rendition of the coveted Vince paper leather jacket I loved but knew I could not afford several seasons ago.

The thing is, I saw it in the pages of the latest PeopleStyleWatch, and that triggered the search.  I see a lot of things that are pretty and that I like, but this was a version of something I’ve had on the list for a while, so I didn’t feel like I was being completely impulsive.  More like, I saw it, realized it ticked all of the boxes, and decided to order it.  It’s kind of out of season, being that summer is coming, but then again we see 40 at night even in high summer so it is still very wearable now.

The other item I just bought a few minutes ago.  I’d seen it in last month’s magazine and debated between it and the red dress I ended up ordering.  Well, today I purged a blush ruffle front tank that was always a little snug in the chest and remembered I’d recently seen a sidebar ad for another, more modern blush tank.  Got to searching down the rabbit hole and arrived back at the blush swing dress I’d hemmed and hawed over.  Thought, what the heck, let’s try it.  I put the blush dress I wore for my 40th birthday on consignment 2 months ago and maybe this could replace both the dress and tank in one fell swoop for me.  Both the 40th birthday dress and ruffle tank were a tad too girlie so I hope this hits the perfect, feminine (without too much frou frou) note.

blush swing tankAlong with the dress I ordered an olive lyocell tee to replace a worn out modal one that I’d first converted to a tank, and then finally had to toss last month due to wear and tear.  It was also on the list.

I suppose this is my ‘summer shop’?  It kind of took me by surprise, but I’m excited for the items and think they’ll be oft worn pieces if they work out.

Are any of you still seasonally shopping, or trying to?  Do they come in bursts that surprise you a bit, as well?  Or are you more disciplined and planned out than I?  lol


2 thoughts on “Another Buying Burst

  1. Hi Mo
    First time here. I found your blog through Debbie and I noticed we are like minded. After I edited and purged the ConMarie method I was left with a sound base and a much more clear idea of what i want to add to built me a capsule wardrobe for the summer months. I shopped accordingly and with a plan. It remains to be seen what I will do next and if my desire to do project 333 will help me to find new ways to create and thus be more satisfied.
    Give a bit time to yourself to find out what is reallyy happening and don’t be hard on yourself.


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