Recent shoes outfits

I know I said I’d be posting less frequently, and here I am doing another so soon.  I just thought I would share my recent outfits, even though I didn’t get outfit pics.  They feature my newest footwear, if not my newest clothing.

Most recently, I sort of have a pic.  Now, bear with me here.  I’d just run 11 miles and did a quick soak in the tub to ease my legs.  No time for hair or makeup, etc.  Met a friend (who’d just done her own 10 miles training) on the fly for lunch and a cool, refreshing beer.  Not glamorous in any way.  But, totally working on new laugh lines!!! 😀

run fun

The items:  Asos maxi dress and Rebels sandals with a scale cuff

The other sandals outfit was Friday before last, to go watch some live music and cruise the casino scene for a couple hours with some friends.

Items: Ralph Lauren red moto jeans, Rebels sandals, Leith tank, Nine West convertible pewter crossbody (lower right in pic), Ann Taylor cuff

Last outfit was with the new Dalmatian slipper flats in conjunction with the new Equipment split sleeve blouse.  Went to my hairdresser (same lady in the lunch pic above actually) for updo practice.  Got a fancy hairdo and then went to the Hard Rock Casino for lunch at their oyster bar with the BF.

The items:  Big Star Alex jeans (recently altered for a better waist fit), Equipment Parker blouse, Soludos flats


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