Been a while

I see it’s been a full 2 weeks since I posted!  I did buy a red dress with birthday gift $$ and some more necessity type items (bra and house slippers).  But I’ve been largely off shopping.  Which is good.  I wanted to shift to seasonal shops and this is an in between seasons time.

express red dress

I am honestly thinking my best buys so far this year have been the 7 pack of black socks!  LOL  I wear them to work all the time and life is too short to wear worn out socks standing on your feet for 40 hours a week.

Speaking of being on your feet, late last month I signed up for a half marathon, kind of last minute.  About a month to get ready.  Been training as best I can with a full work load which equates to one short and one long run per week.  This has understandably taken up much of my free time.  Also thanking myself for buying a new running bra this year.  Fiona sports bra

So, my practical, reality-based purchases have been the shining stars this year.  I am still enjoying the ‘fun’ stuff when I can.  My silver and black sandals have been on my feet quite a bit now that the weather has shifted. Melvi sandal  Enjoying some of the looser, drapey silhouettes paired with some old favorites, too, to update what I have.

I’ve also gotten rid of more of the stuff that I was just hanging on to.  I was finally ready. This leaves me in a good space to wear what I have left, on the few occasions I get out into the world out of uniform.  I’m enjoying my favorite pieces instead of hemming and hawing between runners up.

I imagine my posts will continue to be a week or more apart.  Unless I share more outfit pics I suppose.  My shopping has just slowed to that point where I don’t have too much new to share.  Which is great.  Lately I’m more interested in balancing my work load, wine intake, and quality time with friends and my BF.  Shifting focus.


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