I’m still here!

I realize it’s been another 2 weeks gone by.  I’m working in uniform 5 days a week at least right now.  Lately my days off have been in gear, either running, or swimming, or playing tennis.  So, not many ‘out in the world’ outfits to speak of.  I did wear a sundress last week for lunch with my BF.  watercolor dressAnd shorts with a cool drapey red T-shirt today.   

But that’s about it.

Today while I was out, one stop was to pick up more alterations.  Changed out some thin, stringy straps for bra friendly ones on my dalmatian tank and upgraded buttons on a cheap eBay cargo skirt for metal like ones.  Small details, but big difference in wearability and that extra style oomph.

My other recent fashion related news was visiting the Old Navy website in search of a simple summer tank dress.  (I returned the blush Forever 21 swing dress mentioned in my last post. WAY too big.)  I realized I wanted a less fancy version as well.

I got to within an inch of ordering 4 different things (to make the free shipping of course).  Then I paused.  Left it overnight and into the next day.  I realized I was searching and mostly ‘making do’ with what choices were available.  If I had walked by those items in a store like Ross, I’d have kept walking.

One thing I did stumble upon, quite by happenstance, was a cargo skirt like the failed one I tried from H&M some months back.  I came back to it a day and a half later to find the 15% off sale was now 30%.  Well, alright.  Yes, I paid $7 for shipping.  But the out of pocket was pretty much the same.  Close enough anyway, to not have 3 other items to hem and haw about and maybe keep when I really shouldn’t. skirtToday there is now a 35% sale and free shipping.  But I can’t suspend my life around finding the very best deal every time.  I think I got a fair price and I’m okay with it.  Period.  I’m a bargain shopper but I’m not obsessed.

What I am, increasingly, is happier with my own wardrobe than what is available out there.  This is a wonderful thing.

Another Buying Burst

Seems I’m either a) influenced by what I’m reading and seeing, or b) finally finding items on my ‘hit list’, or c) upgrading tired items in my closet.  At any rate, I’m shopping.  3 items in about 48 hours. The good news is, since I have a defined list, I am not bargain hunting myself into a tizzy – simply finding the item and purchasing.  Yes, I look for coupon codes and free shipping, etc.  Always will.  And I found both. 🙂

The first thing I bought last night was a drape front jacket.  I had a convertible/drape front sweater on my list for the year.  This is a kind of mixed media pleather and cotton.  Perfect substitute – as I was really looking for a ‘topper’ more than a sweater vs a jacket.  And, as I got to thinking on it further, it’s pretty much a rendition of the coveted Vince paper leather jacket I loved but knew I could not afford several seasons ago.

The thing is, I saw it in the pages of the latest PeopleStyleWatch, and that triggered the search.  I see a lot of things that are pretty and that I like, but this was a version of something I’ve had on the list for a while, so I didn’t feel like I was being completely impulsive.  More like, I saw it, realized it ticked all of the boxes, and decided to order it.  It’s kind of out of season, being that summer is coming, but then again we see 40 at night even in high summer so it is still very wearable now.

The other item I just bought a few minutes ago.  I’d seen it in last month’s magazine and debated between it and the red dress I ended up ordering.  Well, today I purged a blush ruffle front tank that was always a little snug in the chest and remembered I’d recently seen a sidebar ad for another, more modern blush tank.  Got to searching down the rabbit hole and arrived back at the blush swing dress I’d hemmed and hawed over.  Thought, what the heck, let’s try it.  I put the blush dress I wore for my 40th birthday on consignment 2 months ago and maybe this could replace both the dress and tank in one fell swoop for me.  Both the 40th birthday dress and ruffle tank were a tad too girlie so I hope this hits the perfect, feminine (without too much frou frou) note.

blush swing tankAlong with the dress I ordered an olive lyocell tee to replace a worn out modal one that I’d first converted to a tank, and then finally had to toss last month due to wear and tear.  It was also on the list.

I suppose this is my ‘summer shop’?  It kind of took me by surprise, but I’m excited for the items and think they’ll be oft worn pieces if they work out.

Are any of you still seasonally shopping, or trying to?  Do they come in bursts that surprise you a bit, as well?  Or are you more disciplined and planned out than I?  lol

Recent shoes outfits

I know I said I’d be posting less frequently, and here I am doing another so soon.  I just thought I would share my recent outfits, even though I didn’t get outfit pics.  They feature my newest footwear, if not my newest clothing.

Most recently, I sort of have a pic.  Now, bear with me here.  I’d just run 11 miles and did a quick soak in the tub to ease my legs.  No time for hair or makeup, etc.  Met a friend (who’d just done her own 10 miles training) on the fly for lunch and a cool, refreshing beer.  Not glamorous in any way.  But, totally working on new laugh lines!!! 😀

run fun

The items:  Asos maxi dress and Rebels sandals with a scale cuff

The other sandals outfit was Friday before last, to go watch some live music and cruise the casino scene for a couple hours with some friends.

Items: Ralph Lauren red moto jeans, Rebels sandals, Leith tank, Nine West convertible pewter crossbody (lower right in pic), Ann Taylor cuff

Last outfit was with the new Dalmatian slipper flats in conjunction with the new Equipment split sleeve blouse.  Went to my hairdresser (same lady in the lunch pic above actually) for updo practice.  Got a fancy hairdo and then went to the Hard Rock Casino for lunch at their oyster bar with the BF.

The items:  Big Star Alex jeans (recently altered for a better waist fit), Equipment Parker blouse, Soludos flats

Been a while

I see it’s been a full 2 weeks since I posted!  I did buy a red dress with birthday gift $$ and some more necessity type items (bra and house slippers).  But I’ve been largely off shopping.  Which is good.  I wanted to shift to seasonal shops and this is an in between seasons time.

express red dress

I am honestly thinking my best buys so far this year have been the 7 pack of black socks!  LOL  I wear them to work all the time and life is too short to wear worn out socks standing on your feet for 40 hours a week.

Speaking of being on your feet, late last month I signed up for a half marathon, kind of last minute.  About a month to get ready.  Been training as best I can with a full work load which equates to one short and one long run per week.  This has understandably taken up much of my free time.  Also thanking myself for buying a new running bra this year.  Fiona sports bra

So, my practical, reality-based purchases have been the shining stars this year.  I am still enjoying the ‘fun’ stuff when I can.  My silver and black sandals have been on my feet quite a bit now that the weather has shifted. Melvi sandal  Enjoying some of the looser, drapey silhouettes paired with some old favorites, too, to update what I have.

I’ve also gotten rid of more of the stuff that I was just hanging on to.  I was finally ready. This leaves me in a good space to wear what I have left, on the few occasions I get out into the world out of uniform.  I’m enjoying my favorite pieces instead of hemming and hawing between runners up.

I imagine my posts will continue to be a week or more apart.  Unless I share more outfit pics I suppose.  My shopping has just slowed to that point where I don’t have too much new to share.  Which is great.  Lately I’m more interested in balancing my work load, wine intake, and quality time with friends and my BF.  Shifting focus.