Finding that happy medium.

I posted this today at a fashion forum I used to frequent daily.  I decided to stop going just around the time I started this blog, upon moving back home to Tahoe.

I do miss visiting with you all! I have come to realize that I go in cycles with my interests. At the start I immerse myself and spend a lot of time and energy with the topic at hand. Then I get in a bit of a cruise control mindset, and then it falls into place in my life as one of yet another facet of my days. This is true with my food logging, fashion, and now my moderation with wine.
I think this is a good, and natural, arc. So, although I do still love my clothes, and playing with them and wearing them. I do not have the capacity to delve almost daily into discussions about them anymore.
I finally stopped regularly food logging this year, after a good 10+ years on and off. I am at the same weight as 5 1/2 years ago when I first got my Fitbit. I found my intrinsic eating levels, depending on my activity levels. Took a long time to get there, but I’m now pretty good at self correcting my course. I feel I’m just about there with my clothes, too.
All this to say, I do miss the forum interaction with you all, but not so much the detailed topics, if that makes sense. I’m coming around to this with a lot of my interests and it leaves me feeling a bit adrift. Kind of like, “okay, what’s next?” But I think there doesn’t have to be a big next. Just that I’m getting closer to a balanced life. Oh, maybe cooking should be on my radar . . . .
Miss you! Stay fab.

While it feels good to have certain parts of your life falling into place, it also again opens up that sense of void.  What do I do NOW??  All that time previously spent online at different forums or groups opens up.  It can be oddly unsettling.  Like today, I don’t work until 4.  But I ran yesterday, so no run on the agenda (I never run 2 days in a row).  What to do???  Crazy, right?

I’m closer to that balance I’ve been seeking, but a bit unprepared for what to do with my time previously spent online in subgroups of interest.  Maybe it’s just the cloudy weather.  Maybe my outlook would be 180 degrees different if the sun were shining and I was imagining a nice bike ride or sitting on the back deck reading.   It remains that by leaving some of these online destinations behind me, I am opening up more of my time and my life to new possibilities.  Now to find out how best to utilize the ‘new’ time I have 🙂  Maybe taking up cooking isn’t such a bad idea!


3 thoughts on “Finding that happy medium.

  1. Interesting. This is what I am afraid of when I finish the Kon Mari process with all of my possessions. What will I do with all the time that I will have? What can i focus on. I suppose we just have to wait and see and be open to the possibilities. I am sure you will find all sorts of new things to keep you busy in your free time.


  2. Hey Mo. I find I usually have a new interest that pushes the previous ones out rather than looking for something to be a replacement. There are so many options that it can be hard to find the right one. It is a good position to be in though – enough time to consider and choose what you want to do rather than being pulled in multiple directions and running to keep up all the time.

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  3. Excellent way to look at things, Cheryle! I am reminded more and more that we are in charge of how we live our lives. I will say that signing up last minute for a half marathon has filled a lot of time lol.


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