MIA – plus shoes

Sorry, life has gotten a bit hectic to be posting.  BF’s job, family visit, birthday celebrating, etc.  But I have found time for shoes 😀
All were on my list since the start of the year.  Funny how sometimes it seems you can’t find anything you want or need and then, just a week or month later, it ALL seems to show up at once.  This is my shoe scenario.  Not one pair for almost 5 months.  And then 3 of the 4 on my list within 2 weeks.

They are all birthday gift $$ presents and I love them all.  Sometimes waiting until just the right ones come along is sooooo worth it.  Oh, and only the slipper flats are full price ($59 on Zappos).  The Rebel sandals I had my eye on but wisely knew would be silly to buy until very recently due to my weather.  Waiting paid off – they came down to $15.  For real leather.  Score!  The Kelsi Dagger mules are pre-owned but barely worn.  Should be worth every penny of the $23.50.  All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my shoe update for 2015.

I’ll try not to be so MIA even when things get hectic.  I really feel I’m settling into my wardrobe.  I am, however, still adjusting to the newer version of my life as a grocery clerk among other changes.  Being patient with it, and myself.  I can feel a shift in life and it’s welcome.  But change isn’t always easy.  Usually it’s good to get out of the comfort zone, though, and grow.


3 thoughts on “MIA – plus shoes

  1. Glad to see you back! Shoes are on my “need” list at the moment. In the last couple of weeks I have purged three pairs of nicer sandals from my closet. They were all many years old and had seen plenty of wear. I have enough casual sandals for this summer, but I am in need of nicer wedge or sling-back sandals that can be worn with work clothes such as trousers, skirts and dresses. My go-to pairs are old and in need of replacing.

    My shoe size is 8.5 narrow, which means I can’t find my size/width in most shoe stores. I have a couple of dependable sources for my narrow-width shoes, but shoes are getting so expensive! The pairs I used to buy a few years ago for under $100 now cost $150-175. At these prices, I can’t afford to make mistakes! I try to wait for sales or promotions. I’m hoping my usual stores will have Memorial Day sales.

    What is the fourth pair on your wish list?


    • Good luck with your search. My final pair is a bright flat. Maybe red or cobalt. I’m a little open ended on that one; it may change before the year’s up.
      Sadly, my grey mules sale got canceled shortly after I posted. I guess they’d sold but the website wasn’t up to date. Boo. So I scored 2 pairs out of the 4. 😉


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