Finding that happy medium.

I posted this today at a fashion forum I used to frequent daily.  I decided to stop going just around the time I started this blog, upon moving back home to Tahoe.

I do miss visiting with you all! I have come to realize that I go in cycles with my interests. At the start I immerse myself and spend a lot of time and energy with the topic at hand. Then I get in a bit of a cruise control mindset, and then it falls into place in my life as one of yet another facet of my days. This is true with my food logging, fashion, and now my moderation with wine.
I think this is a good, and natural, arc. So, although I do still love my clothes, and playing with them and wearing them. I do not have the capacity to delve almost daily into discussions about them anymore.
I finally stopped regularly food logging this year, after a good 10+ years on and off. I am at the same weight as 5 1/2 years ago when I first got my Fitbit. I found my intrinsic eating levels, depending on my activity levels. Took a long time to get there, but I’m now pretty good at self correcting my course. I feel I’m just about there with my clothes, too.
All this to say, I do miss the forum interaction with you all, but not so much the detailed topics, if that makes sense. I’m coming around to this with a lot of my interests and it leaves me feeling a bit adrift. Kind of like, “okay, what’s next?” But I think there doesn’t have to be a big next. Just that I’m getting closer to a balanced life. Oh, maybe cooking should be on my radar . . . .
Miss you! Stay fab.

While it feels good to have certain parts of your life falling into place, it also again opens up that sense of void.  What do I do NOW??  All that time previously spent online at different forums or groups opens up.  It can be oddly unsettling.  Like today, I don’t work until 4.  But I ran yesterday, so no run on the agenda (I never run 2 days in a row).  What to do???  Crazy, right?

I’m closer to that balance I’ve been seeking, but a bit unprepared for what to do with my time previously spent online in subgroups of interest.  Maybe it’s just the cloudy weather.  Maybe my outlook would be 180 degrees different if the sun were shining and I was imagining a nice bike ride or sitting on the back deck reading.   It remains that by leaving some of these online destinations behind me, I am opening up more of my time and my life to new possibilities.  Now to find out how best to utilize the ‘new’ time I have 🙂  Maybe taking up cooking isn’t such a bad idea!

Closet numbers – the recount

It occurs to me I had my 45th birthday as a signpost for more closet reduction.  For a while now 150 has been my comfortable max, but with some analyzing I saw that I could easily trim some down to extrapolated Project 333 numbers.  That is, 33 items for each of 4 seasons, or 132 items.

Time to get into my closet and see how close I am to my projected numbers!

  •  5 coats
  • 12 jackets
  • 27 shirts
  • 12 sweaters
  • 15 pants
  • 14 dresses
  • 7 skirts
  • 7 shorts
  • 30 shoes
  • 1 jumpsuit
  • 1 vest
  • 1 sweatshirt

I did not include items strictly for layering like camisoles (maybe 4 or 5) and layer tops I put under my polo at the supermarket (again maybe 4 or 5).  I also did not count exercise only gear, or uniform only items (2 pants, 3 shoes, 1 hoodie).  I counted items I would wear as stand alone articles in an outfit for going out into the world.

Okay, I only just now tabulated the totals as I’m posting, and see that I am at exactly 132.  How weird is that?!  I included a cargo skirt on the way from an eBay auction that I hope works out.  I think it is no coincidence that I am very happy with my closet amount as of late and am having very little issue with demoting or culling items at a rate even to my purchasing. I am at a good for me amount right now.

I’ll bet by year’s end I just may be able to pare down to the ‘Dozens’ numbers I mentioned in the Paring Down post.  Something has just clicked this year for me.  I’m not sure exactly what, but I have a sense more than ever of having ‘just enough’ and being totally content with it.

MIA – plus shoes

Sorry, life has gotten a bit hectic to be posting.  BF’s job, family visit, birthday celebrating, etc.  But I have found time for shoes 😀
All were on my list since the start of the year.  Funny how sometimes it seems you can’t find anything you want or need and then, just a week or month later, it ALL seems to show up at once.  This is my shoe scenario.  Not one pair for almost 5 months.  And then 3 of the 4 on my list within 2 weeks.

They are all birthday gift $$ presents and I love them all.  Sometimes waiting until just the right ones come along is sooooo worth it.  Oh, and only the slipper flats are full price ($59 on Zappos).  The Rebel sandals I had my eye on but wisely knew would be silly to buy until very recently due to my weather.  Waiting paid off – they came down to $15.  For real leather.  Score!  The Kelsi Dagger mules are pre-owned but barely worn.  Should be worth every penny of the $23.50.  All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my shoe update for 2015.

I’ll try not to be so MIA even when things get hectic.  I really feel I’m settling into my wardrobe.  I am, however, still adjusting to the newer version of my life as a grocery clerk among other changes.  Being patient with it, and myself.  I can feel a shift in life and it’s welcome.  But change isn’t always easy.  Usually it’s good to get out of the comfort zone, though, and grow.