Shifting Focus

I am cruising along as of late.  Not thinking too much on what new things I want or need to be buying.  Did my small spring refresh and feeling content.  This is how I wanted seasonal shopping to feel.  I’m liking it!!

What I am doing is putting more focus on the backbone of a working wardrobe.  That meant spending the time and money on the basics like bras and socks and camis, and also fleshing out the categories you actually wear, whether that be lounge (or ‘at home’) clothing, or career wear, or a uniform, or whatever.  Check, and check.

I’m now shifting my budget to allow for more alterations, and less return costs.  I had allotted $75 for each category and shifted it first to $50 returns/$100 alterations.  Now I’m thinking of going even further with $30/$120.  After all, alterations are a cost that I can reap the rewards of, again and again.  Returns may be part and parcel of online shopping, but they are wasted expense that leave you literally empty handed.  Yes, it’s better to have spent on return postage than have an ‘almost’ hanging around unworn but waste is still waste, so I am really trying to not buy items that I’m unsure of or have a high cost of return.

As for the alterations, this week I brought 2 pants and a pair of shorts to the tailor to have the rear waistbands taken in.  Around $17 per pair, or about $50.  Not cheap, but sooooo worth it to not have to tug up my waistband every time I make a single move.  I debated for some time on these items before choosing to do this.  I wanted to be sure I liked them enough to invest in them.  Simply making so-so items better is not my aim.  I want to fix the fit issues that keep items I really like from being ones I love.  Fit can make that difference.

They are also items that can be worn right away, this season, once I get them back.  This is smart, I think, in getting the most wear out of them NOW while they fit my body and my current style, not to mention the weather.

Do you have an alteration budget?  Do you do your own?  Do you maybe have a stack of items piling up with the best intention, but never get around to getting them tailored?  I would urge you to either choose to do it already, or move on.  Piles of clothing purgatory are no good to anyone!  lol


3 thoughts on “Shifting Focus

  1. Hey, thanks. Happy to have the $$ allotted to get things to fit better. Years past, it was wasted trying so many things through the mail that didn’t work out. This is a much better way to spend it! lol


  2. I like to sew but hate to do alterations. I feel guilty if I even think about taking something to be altered when I can do it myself, plus I’m scared they won’t do it correctly. Then again, I have a skirt hanging in my craft room that’s been waiting to be altered for a full year now…guess I need to get on that…

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