Amending the plan midstream

As in years prior when I’ve penciled in a shopping plan ahead of time, changes have cropped up.  It’s only natural for what you want or need, or thought you wanted or needed, to shift over time.  I’m finding that, specifically, hot weather items are getting replaced on my list.  No doubt this is due to the fact that most of last year’s shopping was done in such a climate.  Add to that, my hot weather is a much shorter season here in Tahoe.  I have basically all I could need in that category.

So I am rolling with it and subbing in items.  I  went for a wildcard vest a couple weeks back and wasn’t sure how to slate it.  Once I realized it was, in essence, a sleeveless top, it became obvious it was a tank substitute.  moto vest

I don’t need more tanks, but I do need to update and add some color to my other shirt categories.  Okay, done.  I now have 3 of my 4 tank ‘slots’ filled with subs.

list may 15I had also bought some track pants last month and wondered how they were going to fit into my plan.  Again, I realized they were a lightweight, spring bottom.  Replaced my shorts category with them and I was good to go.

track pant

I’m so happy with my purchases so far this year.  I am sticking with my overall template, but allowing for the realities of my climate and style shift.  It’s worth noting I’m all over grey these days.  Seems every ‘in person’ item I have bought this year has been grey!   But I’m also hot on the trail of some red to add a punch of color, too.  Just waiting to find the right shade (hence my return of 4 red items so far, sigh.)  But better to wait it out for the right one than settle for ‘meh’.

Anyway, that is my latest amendment to THE LIST.  Have you been shopping by a list?  Is yours changing as you go as well?  Or are you pretty much on plan, as laid out months back?

Entry level items

I know we all hear how we should buy quality over quantity.  I have found that I need to baby step my way.  Sometimes I’ve bought an expensive, quality item and just not worn it.  Either it wasn’t suited to my lifestyle or didn’t work well with my existing wardrobe.  Sometimes a ‘starter’ item is in order.

I had a situation last summer where I started with a $7 Alloy white tank top, considered a $20 H&M one (that I ended up returning) before I jumped on a $130 BCBG version (on sale at $108).  I needed to dip my toe in first before plunking down the cash.  I actually just recently shortened the straps on the BCBG to make it fit all that much better and I love it more than ever.  Wore it last week, layered under a cropped, open knit sweater.

I find myself in a similar place right now with silky button fronts.  I did the $20 versions to start (again Alloy and also a Costco one) and put them through their paces.  The next step was a bright blue from Nordstrom at about $70.

All of these, quite honestly, were starter versions of the Equipment signature blouse.  Searching online today I found one I think I might get.  I went into my closet and measured and tried on these entry level versions.  The purple is terrible material and a bit too small across the shoulders.  The black, by contrast, is a bit too big and overwhelms me.  The blue is maybe a tad long, but a good fit otherwise.  Armed with this info, I’m passing along the first two and going to replace both with an Equipment in a dark grey.

It may cost more in the long run this way, but I’m more assured of getting actual wear out of my $$ once I’ve tried the starter versions out, and seen what does and does not work, fit wise, fabric wise, etc.  I don’t consider the $45 or so dollars spent between the first 2 tops wasted in any way.  Indeed, it’s almost research!  And someone else will benefit from my learning curve in a new to them blouse.

Do you gradually step up when trying a new direction in your style, or do you go all in with ‘the’ item at the start?

Shifting Focus

I am cruising along as of late.  Not thinking too much on what new things I want or need to be buying.  Did my small spring refresh and feeling content.  This is how I wanted seasonal shopping to feel.  I’m liking it!!

What I am doing is putting more focus on the backbone of a working wardrobe.  That meant spending the time and money on the basics like bras and socks and camis, and also fleshing out the categories you actually wear, whether that be lounge (or ‘at home’) clothing, or career wear, or a uniform, or whatever.  Check, and check.

I’m now shifting my budget to allow for more alterations, and less return costs.  I had allotted $75 for each category and shifted it first to $50 returns/$100 alterations.  Now I’m thinking of going even further with $30/$120.  After all, alterations are a cost that I can reap the rewards of, again and again.  Returns may be part and parcel of online shopping, but they are wasted expense that leave you literally empty handed.  Yes, it’s better to have spent on return postage than have an ‘almost’ hanging around unworn but waste is still waste, so I am really trying to not buy items that I’m unsure of or have a high cost of return.

As for the alterations, this week I brought 2 pants and a pair of shorts to the tailor to have the rear waistbands taken in.  Around $17 per pair, or about $50.  Not cheap, but sooooo worth it to not have to tug up my waistband every time I make a single move.  I debated for some time on these items before choosing to do this.  I wanted to be sure I liked them enough to invest in them.  Simply making so-so items better is not my aim.  I want to fix the fit issues that keep items I really like from being ones I love.  Fit can make that difference.

They are also items that can be worn right away, this season, once I get them back.  This is smart, I think, in getting the most wear out of them NOW while they fit my body and my current style, not to mention the weather.

Do you have an alteration budget?  Do you do your own?  Do you maybe have a stack of items piling up with the best intention, but never get around to getting them tailored?  I would urge you to either choose to do it already, or move on.  Piles of clothing purgatory are no good to anyone!  lol


Today we went for brunch.  It is finally snowing, with flurries barely starting around noon. Not weather for light airy Easter dresses.  So, I put on my new track pants and used color accessories to put in the holiday touch.  Wool coat was ideal for the temps.

Track pants are great for a big meal, lol, but don’t photograph the best for ‘in action’ motion shots, as learned when BF surprised us all by picking up the Easter Bunny.  But vanity shouldn’t get in the way of good old fashioned fun!

rabbit around

Happy Easter!