Wearing New Stuff

Today I ran out for some errands.  You know, the quick-out-the-door kind of thing?  Brushed my teeth and my hair, as always, but no shower, no make-up (well, covered a blemish and flicked on mascara).  I even (gasp) did the ponytail.  But after years of having to put my hair up for work I now rarely pull it back besides when going running.  So for me the pony is kind of a sporty change.

The thing I wanted to get to was, I wore a brand new top to just do a quick errand run.  Nowhere special to go, no one to see, nowhere besides grocery and drug stores to be.  But I felt pretty fab out in my top.  And I realized it was so worth it to ‘spend’ a wearing just out doing mundane life things.  The first wearing, no less!  (I’d put it on last week in anticipation of going out to dinner but plans were canceled – pic below).


Today I wore it with my white midi shorts and blush metal plate sandals.  Easy, breezy, spring in a second.

I also finally wore my Asos matador hat yesterday afternoon.  Sorry, no picture.  The irony is, I wore it at work to bartend!  It was an outdoor concert and the sun was setting.  Again, one might think it a ‘waste’ of a wear at first, yet I got a lot of compliments on it from customers and coworkers alike.  I felt good, kept the sun off my face, and broke in a new item that was sitting on the shelf of my closet.  Not much good it does me there, huh?

matador hat

For all the planning that goes into my shopping, it’s good to not forget to just wear the heck out of my stuff, and not wait for the ‘perfect’ occasion.  Getting caught up in one side of the equation is not enough.  We must wear what we buy, as well!

EDIT: just after posting this, the BF called on his way home from work to say let’s go out to eat.  I did the world a favor and took a 5 minute shower (lol) but put the same top back on, with black track pants.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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