Shopping Totals So Far

I just made a small handful of spring purchases over the last week or two.  Needless to say, my Lent shopping fast did not hold.  That’s okay.  I’m trying more than ever to shop intuitively.  If the weather is changing to spring, then it’s high time to look into spring clothing.  Here is where I stand for the year so far:

shop list Spring

I have filled up some categories completely already, and not even touched others.  Not surprisingly, the tanks and dresses are ones untouched.  First, it’s been winter and secondly, I have a lot of new items purchased just last year in both categories.  If anything, refreshers at the end of the warm season are about all I envision needing.

I got track pants in place of shorts.  Again, I bought quite a few pairs last year and think I will be fine for the much shorter warm season here with what I already have.  I also picked up two short sleeve drapey tees, which is a category I needed to flesh out a little.  I seemed to have either tanks or winter long sleeves, but not too much in between, other than very basic cotton tees.  I needed a little style kick there.

Lastly, I ordered a cargo skirt I hope will fill my casual straight skirt hole.  I purged several skirts this year and am down to about 6, many of them a bit dressier.  I had an older black Old Navy cargo skirt that was a little full like this one that I loved but it became too short on me as years passed.  I tried several times to find a replacement, each one not quite right. I’m hoping this will be the one. 

cargo skirt

This basically leaves me waiting until summer warmth to flesh out the rest of the categories – namely sandals and a maybe a tank or dress.

As for the nitty gritty, here is every single clothing item I have purchased this year, down to socks and running bras:

shop $$ part 1

shop $$ part 2

Whew!  Doesn’t look all that moderate, but I bet if you stopped to track EVERY item you got for your closet, you might be surprised at how quickly it all adds up!  That said, I really do envision a marked slow down in acquisitions for the warm weather season.

How is your shopping going?  Did you embark on a seasonal approach?  Is it working out for you or do you still shop like you used to?

I’m finding I’m halfway there.  I can do a bigger burst at the start, but I don’t slow down enough as the season unfolds.  I will work on it.  I am happy that what I’ve been getting is on the list and not too many impulse or mistake purchases yet.  I do still need to wear some of my new buys.  That is another thing I need to keep mindful of.  Wear what I have before running out to acquire more.  Ah, it’s a process for sure!


4 thoughts on “Shopping Totals So Far

  1. Thanks. Yes, I am trying to not freak out that I’ve spent half my budget so soon in the calendar year – reminding myself the big $$ items are winter ones. Going to have fun pulling out the warm weather items soon 🙂


  2. I’ve only bought 3 items so far this year, and TBH I am not feeling inspired to buy anything ATM. The only item I have on my wishlist for the entire year is a pre-fall Rebecca Minkoff trench-cum-cropped-jacket-and-skirt thing. Knowing my luck, it won’t even be available when the pre-fall stuff hits the stores. Same thing happened last year with a Hunter Originals piece I saw in the collection and yet it never made it to the stores. Frustrating.


  3. Wow. I hope to someday come closer to your approach – a handful of specific, higher end items. I’m closer, but know I will still always need/want a dozen or more things every year. At least now I am getting at least one or two of those higher end items in with the mid and lower end H&M, Target, Gap type stuff.


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