Spring Fling

Coming off of my Target track pants indulgence, I found it wasn’t just a mere slip.  I followed up shortly thereafter with two more tops.  Both in lightweight, springy fabrications and colors.  Ta da!  I was craving freshness for the new season unfolding.

We have had a warmer than average winter, but this last few weeks have been record breakers.  Ski resorts closing sooner than ever, my golf course job opening the back nine starting tomorrow.  Earliest ever.  It’s no wonder I’m wanting a bit of a spring refresh.

Originally I had slated late spring and summer together as simply ‘warm season’.  Tahoe is usually still seeing snow into May so I had planned warm weather shopping from May to September.  That’s what I get for making a plan!  I did not expect true spring weather coinciding with actual calendar spring.

The good news is, most of my warmer weather items are fairly new, since much of what I bought last year in FL falls into this category.  I should be fine with just a handful of refreshers and not much more.  Also, this category tends to not cost as much as winter wear due to the different fabrication (linen vs leather, etc).  This is a very good thing, as I spent about $750 during my winter shopping season.  I cannot afford to do this same amount of damage again twice over during my next two shopping seasons!

Are you feeling spring where you are?  Do you have some items on your list you can’t wait to add to refresh for the season?


2 thoughts on “Spring Fling

  1. I’ve been having the same issue here in San Jose – we’re supposed to have two 90 degree days this week. We’ve blown past spring and are already in summer, and it’s not even Easter… I did end up buying a couple pairs of sandals in Feb/March and I’m glad I did, because I could start wearing them anytime now. But a lot of my late-winter/spring stuff, like lightweight sweaters, has hardly gotten worn at all.

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