On Balance (or UNbalanced!)

You may have noticed it’s been over a week since I posted.  That’s a sure sign that my life balance is tipping.  BF and both have been working a lot.  We haven’t had a day off together in weeks.  When we come home at night I don’t want to tune him out to post up a blog.  I decided the online component should rightly be relegated behind my In Real Life relationships and commitments.  I work a night shift tonight so I now have the opportunity to post, and not at the expense of spending time with my other half.

A few other things got out of balance, too.  I caved and shopped online for some Target track pants after spying them in the store and trying to ignore them because I wasn’t clothes shopping for Lent.  Didn’t even try them on.  Looked them up later and found they were close to selling out.  Got the Fear Of Missing Out and pushed the buy button.  Now I have them here at the house in 2 sizes, trying to decide if either is a good enough fit to keep.

track pant

I was also trying to keep up with one good habit a week – flossing, push ups, running, etc.  I have not run for 2 weeks now.  Mostly because the last time I’d planned got pushed aside for a repairman who never came.  Grrr.  I’d be pretty close to on target had I gone out that day for a jog.  I am going running today.  I think that will be the biggest factor in restoring my sense of balance and well being, honestly.

Lastly, I have been actively trying to keep my wine intake moderate.  It’s just something for my health I want to stay on top of.  Well, we went to meet some friends after work on St. Patrick’s day and the moderate numbers went out the window.  5 drinks.  Yes, it’s a holiday, and yes, we were home by midnight and up for work and back at routines the next day.  But it was more than I’d planned and I really want to succeed in ALL my attempts at moderation – be it shopping, drinking, spending time online.

So, this morning started out with me calling back the people to reschedule the repairman appointment, pulling out the coffee maker and cleaning up behind what has now been a couple month’s worth of splashes and splatters, posting here, and I will tackle the laundry pile before heading out for a jog.  Then work at 7pm.  Restoring balance. Guess I better fit in some flossing, too, while I’m at it 😉


2 thoughts on “On Balance (or UNbalanced!)

  1. Don’t beat yourself up about this week of imbalance. I also “shopped” this week because it was my birthday and a terrible week at work. On the flip side items awaiting donation from my 40 bags challenge were completed despite complications of finding donation locations. My wine intake also increased but now I can focus on the new week ahead with fresh eyes. My shopping was limited to thrift and were all items from my list—white linen pants, pencil skirt, belts, spring sandals–under $15 with some store credit. Note to self-beware the stress monster.


  2. The stress monster . . . perhaps that’s it. I didn’t think I felt stressed but I did feel as though there was just no time. And it’s like you revert to the easiest way, and old habits, I think. I just didn’t have the well to draw from for the resolve to keep at my new intentions.
    Great job on donating so much!


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