Outfits – What I Like to Wear & What I Have to Wear

I wasn’t going to go there with the uniform but it is my reality no matter how you slice it.  I’m having issss yews with it, big time.  I feel like a kid playing dress up.  The apron wraps all the way around so the pockets are on my sides, not front and center.  It’s way too long as well and starts bunching up between my legs when I walk.  Yeah, not good.

The shirt is also too big.  When I put my sweatshirt on, the ‘short’ sleeves bunch up in my armpit and I need to dig them out and back down to be able to move my arms freely.  Sigh.  Awaiting size smalls there, but I don’t think there is an apron solution.  One size fits all.  Yeah, we all know that’s not true.  Maybe alteration?  I’m going to ask I think.  This all illustrates that truly fit is king no matter what your style or what type of clothing you are talking about.

On a happier note, here is what I wore Sunday night out to eat Brazilian BBQ.  It was a ‘quick, get dressed in 10 minutes’ outfit.  BF and I had planned on going out Wednesday but he got off work unexpectedly early Sunday so I hopped in the shower and threw on clothes on the fly.

I often like the instant outfits, as I think our first instincts can be good and then we sometimes get caught up in playing with all the options and colors, trading out shoes, etc. until we end up with a pile on the bed and confused as to where we even started!  The one thing I might have switched out would be my True Religion Disco Billy jeans instead of the Mavi skinnies.  I think the straight leg would have gone with the shoes better.  But I’m totally happy with this as is.  (Excuse the photo quality – a cell phone shot in a hurry.)


This also took a few items off my CPW ‘hit list’ from last year.  The t shirt and shoes specifically.  This year I’m trying a more precise Cost Per Wear on my budget spreadsheet but previously I’d just list tally marks for each $20 of cost of the item.  Once I’d get under $20 CPW it came off the list.

CPW runners up (under $20 per wear but still a bit high) are the multi-layer necklace and the white jacket.  The necklace is such a statement it only comes out a handful of times a year.  The white jacket was simply out of season in the colder weather, but I hope it comes out more as the weather continues to warm.

By contrast, the grey sweatshirt has been worn to both the pizza and grocery job so much it’s well under $1 CPW already.  And it was the one item this year I wasn’t sure I should buy!  Ha.  The jeans also were worn as uniform for the pizza job that put their CPW below $5 quickly.  They are now back in regular rotation (I have not worked the pizza job in weeks and am not sure I will be able to keep it with my other 2 jobs keeping me busy).

My wardrobe is not all about CPW though.  If I’m happy in what I’m wearing for the occasion at hand, that works for me.  Low cost per wear is nice, and a reassurance that our shopping dollars are going to the categories we need, but I’d be lying if I said I thought my grey hoodie was THE buy of the year.  It’s just something I need.  Ya know?


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