Semantics? I shopped – or did I?

I decided that for Lent I was not going to do any clothes shopping.  Today I had to make a trip to Reno, and Carson City is on the way, where there is a Target store.  This is 45 minutes from my house, so an hour and a half round trip.  I don’t casually drop by there.  It’s a trip unto itself.  Anyway, ever since I first discovered Gilligan & O’Malley modal thongs there, I have not bought another type of underwear.

They are THE ones.  Period.  End of story.  So, today I bought undies.  3 pair, for $15 before tax.  I had them slated on my yearly list, no big deal.  Also slated on my list was a tank and capri lounge/sleep set.  Well, guess who happened to have just that?  Yep – Gilligan & O’Malley yet again.  They don’t look all that special from the pics, but they are oh so soft and the built in bra of the tank is just enough without being constricting.  Total comfort.

This whole category of items is all about comfort and functionality above all.  And that brings me to the title of my post.  What constitutes ‘clothes shopping’?  This category often gets brushed aside or conveniently overlooked.  Obviously a pretty new dress or fun shoes that catch your eye counts as clothing.  But is it only things that are worn outside of the house and seen by others in ‘outfits’?  Or is it anything you put on your body to clothe yourself?  By that definition, socks, and even winter ski gloves or sports bras to run in, qualify as clothes shopping.

I’m still not sure.  Up until now I have considered any item I buy for sleeping in, or as a foundation layer, not ‘clothes’ clothes.  If I say I have 130 items of clothing I am not telling you the number of socks or panties I own.  Ditto, if I say I’m only buying 30 items this year, 2 bras, 6 pair of socks, and 6 panties are not taking up half of my item allotment!   I do count the total dollars in my budget because I am spending the money.  So that tells me they ‘count’ somehow.  I’m just not so sure exactly how at the moment.

So, did I shop or didn’t I????


4 thoughts on “Semantics? I shopped – or did I?

  1. I don’t think underwear, bras, socks or pj’s count as “clothes”. And I wouldn’t count them as part of my clothes budget even though they cost money and they go on your body. Make-up falls in the same category. To me they’re necessities, particularly if you buy them at Target along with shampoo and toilet cleaner.

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  2. The only reason I’d count those things is if I didn’t need them but I wanted some that were clearly above and beyond what I need in those categories. Like, most women won’t buy too many pieces of exercise clothing. Me? I’ll buy a sports bra before I’ll buy a blouse. I’m just weird. Anyway, so if I decide to buy another sports bra, it’s definitely in the “want” and not “need” category and it gets placed in the clothes budget along with the dresses and shoes.

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  3. Well, for budget purposes I would count the “smalls”. It sometimes doesn’t seem fair to count clothing that is not fun to shop for like PJs and undies, but it still costs money and is technically clothing. I guess the bigger question is how many bras and pairs of undies do we really need. I did an informal survey at a girlfriends breakfast and the general consensus was 3-6 regular bras and a couple of sports bras. Personally, I don’t enjoy shopping for underwear and PJs so it’s not an area where I go overboard — shoes and handbags are a whole different ball game:)

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  4. I see a fairly clear distinction between shopping for necessities (underwear) and recreational shopping. Although now that I think about it, even shopping for bras and underwear can get out of control. If you need a large drawer to contain the bra collection, then perhaps it has veered into recreation. 🙂

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