Wearing New Stuff

Today I ran out for some errands.  You know, the quick-out-the-door kind of thing?  Brushed my teeth and my hair, as always, but no shower, no make-up (well, covered a blemish and flicked on mascara).  I even (gasp) did the ponytail.  But after years of having to put my hair up for work I now rarely pull it back besides when going running.  So for me the pony is kind of a sporty change.

The thing I wanted to get to was, I wore a brand new top to just do a quick errand run.  Nowhere special to go, no one to see, nowhere besides grocery and drug stores to be.  But I felt pretty fab out in my top.  And I realized it was so worth it to ‘spend’ a wearing just out doing mundane life things.  The first wearing, no less!  (I’d put it on last week in anticipation of going out to dinner but plans were canceled – pic below).


Today I wore it with my white midi shorts and blush metal plate sandals.  Easy, breezy, spring in a second.

I also finally wore my Asos matador hat yesterday afternoon.  Sorry, no picture.  The irony is, I wore it at work to bartend!  It was an outdoor concert and the sun was setting.  Again, one might think it a ‘waste’ of a wear at first, yet I got a lot of compliments on it from customers and coworkers alike.  I felt good, kept the sun off my face, and broke in a new item that was sitting on the shelf of my closet.  Not much good it does me there, huh?

matador hat

For all the planning that goes into my shopping, it’s good to not forget to just wear the heck out of my stuff, and not wait for the ‘perfect’ occasion.  Getting caught up in one side of the equation is not enough.  We must wear what we buy, as well!

EDIT: just after posting this, the BF called on his way home from work to say let’s go out to eat.  I did the world a favor and took a 5 minute shower (lol) but put the same top back on, with black track pants.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Shopping Totals So Far

I just made a small handful of spring purchases over the last week or two.  Needless to say, my Lent shopping fast did not hold.  That’s okay.  I’m trying more than ever to shop intuitively.  If the weather is changing to spring, then it’s high time to look into spring clothing.  Here is where I stand for the year so far:

shop list Spring

I have filled up some categories completely already, and not even touched others.  Not surprisingly, the tanks and dresses are ones untouched.  First, it’s been winter and secondly, I have a lot of new items purchased just last year in both categories.  If anything, refreshers at the end of the warm season are about all I envision needing.

I got track pants in place of shorts.  Again, I bought quite a few pairs last year and think I will be fine for the much shorter warm season here with what I already have.  I also picked up two short sleeve drapey tees, which is a category I needed to flesh out a little.  I seemed to have either tanks or winter long sleeves, but not too much in between, other than very basic cotton tees.  I needed a little style kick there.

Lastly, I ordered a cargo skirt I hope will fill my casual straight skirt hole.  I purged several skirts this year and am down to about 6, many of them a bit dressier.  I had an older black Old Navy cargo skirt that was a little full like this one that I loved but it became too short on me as years passed.  I tried several times to find a replacement, each one not quite right. I’m hoping this will be the one. 

cargo skirt

This basically leaves me waiting until summer warmth to flesh out the rest of the categories – namely sandals and a maybe a tank or dress.

As for the nitty gritty, here is every single clothing item I have purchased this year, down to socks and running bras:

shop $$ part 1

shop $$ part 2

Whew!  Doesn’t look all that moderate, but I bet if you stopped to track EVERY item you got for your closet, you might be surprised at how quickly it all adds up!  That said, I really do envision a marked slow down in acquisitions for the warm weather season.

How is your shopping going?  Did you embark on a seasonal approach?  Is it working out for you or do you still shop like you used to?

I’m finding I’m halfway there.  I can do a bigger burst at the start, but I don’t slow down enough as the season unfolds.  I will work on it.  I am happy that what I’ve been getting is on the list and not too many impulse or mistake purchases yet.  I do still need to wear some of my new buys.  That is another thing I need to keep mindful of.  Wear what I have before running out to acquire more.  Ah, it’s a process for sure!

Spring Fling

Coming off of my Target track pants indulgence, I found it wasn’t just a mere slip.  I followed up shortly thereafter with two more tops.  Both in lightweight, springy fabrications and colors.  Ta da!  I was craving freshness for the new season unfolding.

We have had a warmer than average winter, but this last few weeks have been record breakers.  Ski resorts closing sooner than ever, my golf course job opening the back nine starting tomorrow.  Earliest ever.  It’s no wonder I’m wanting a bit of a spring refresh.

Originally I had slated late spring and summer together as simply ‘warm season’.  Tahoe is usually still seeing snow into May so I had planned warm weather shopping from May to September.  That’s what I get for making a plan!  I did not expect true spring weather coinciding with actual calendar spring.

The good news is, most of my warmer weather items are fairly new, since much of what I bought last year in FL falls into this category.  I should be fine with just a handful of refreshers and not much more.  Also, this category tends to not cost as much as winter wear due to the different fabrication (linen vs leather, etc).  This is a very good thing, as I spent about $750 during my winter shopping season.  I cannot afford to do this same amount of damage again twice over during my next two shopping seasons!

Are you feeling spring where you are?  Do you have some items on your list you can’t wait to add to refresh for the season?

On Balance (or UNbalanced!)

You may have noticed it’s been over a week since I posted.  That’s a sure sign that my life balance is tipping.  BF and both have been working a lot.  We haven’t had a day off together in weeks.  When we come home at night I don’t want to tune him out to post up a blog.  I decided the online component should rightly be relegated behind my In Real Life relationships and commitments.  I work a night shift tonight so I now have the opportunity to post, and not at the expense of spending time with my other half.

A few other things got out of balance, too.  I caved and shopped online for some Target track pants after spying them in the store and trying to ignore them because I wasn’t clothes shopping for Lent.  Didn’t even try them on.  Looked them up later and found they were close to selling out.  Got the Fear Of Missing Out and pushed the buy button.  Now I have them here at the house in 2 sizes, trying to decide if either is a good enough fit to keep.

track pant

I was also trying to keep up with one good habit a week – flossing, push ups, running, etc.  I have not run for 2 weeks now.  Mostly because the last time I’d planned got pushed aside for a repairman who never came.  Grrr.  I’d be pretty close to on target had I gone out that day for a jog.  I am going running today.  I think that will be the biggest factor in restoring my sense of balance and well being, honestly.

Lastly, I have been actively trying to keep my wine intake moderate.  It’s just something for my health I want to stay on top of.  Well, we went to meet some friends after work on St. Patrick’s day and the moderate numbers went out the window.  5 drinks.  Yes, it’s a holiday, and yes, we were home by midnight and up for work and back at routines the next day.  But it was more than I’d planned and I really want to succeed in ALL my attempts at moderation – be it shopping, drinking, spending time online.

So, this morning started out with me calling back the people to reschedule the repairman appointment, pulling out the coffee maker and cleaning up behind what has now been a couple month’s worth of splashes and splatters, posting here, and I will tackle the laundry pile before heading out for a jog.  Then work at 7pm.  Restoring balance. Guess I better fit in some flossing, too, while I’m at it 😉

Outfits – What I Like to Wear & What I Have to Wear

I wasn’t going to go there with the uniform but it is my reality no matter how you slice it.  I’m having issss yews with it, big time.  I feel like a kid playing dress up.  The apron wraps all the way around so the pockets are on my sides, not front and center.  It’s way too long as well and starts bunching up between my legs when I walk.  Yeah, not good.

The shirt is also too big.  When I put my sweatshirt on, the ‘short’ sleeves bunch up in my armpit and I need to dig them out and back down to be able to move my arms freely.  Sigh.  Awaiting size smalls there, but I don’t think there is an apron solution.  One size fits all.  Yeah, we all know that’s not true.  Maybe alteration?  I’m going to ask I think.  This all illustrates that truly fit is king no matter what your style or what type of clothing you are talking about.

On a happier note, here is what I wore Sunday night out to eat Brazilian BBQ.  It was a ‘quick, get dressed in 10 minutes’ outfit.  BF and I had planned on going out Wednesday but he got off work unexpectedly early Sunday so I hopped in the shower and threw on clothes on the fly.

I often like the instant outfits, as I think our first instincts can be good and then we sometimes get caught up in playing with all the options and colors, trading out shoes, etc. until we end up with a pile on the bed and confused as to where we even started!  The one thing I might have switched out would be my True Religion Disco Billy jeans instead of the Mavi skinnies.  I think the straight leg would have gone with the shoes better.  But I’m totally happy with this as is.  (Excuse the photo quality – a cell phone shot in a hurry.)


This also took a few items off my CPW ‘hit list’ from last year.  The t shirt and shoes specifically.  This year I’m trying a more precise Cost Per Wear on my budget spreadsheet but previously I’d just list tally marks for each $20 of cost of the item.  Once I’d get under $20 CPW it came off the list.

CPW runners up (under $20 per wear but still a bit high) are the multi-layer necklace and the white jacket.  The necklace is such a statement it only comes out a handful of times a year.  The white jacket was simply out of season in the colder weather, but I hope it comes out more as the weather continues to warm.

By contrast, the grey sweatshirt has been worn to both the pizza and grocery job so much it’s well under $1 CPW already.  And it was the one item this year I wasn’t sure I should buy!  Ha.  The jeans also were worn as uniform for the pizza job that put their CPW below $5 quickly.  They are now back in regular rotation (I have not worked the pizza job in weeks and am not sure I will be able to keep it with my other 2 jobs keeping me busy).

My wardrobe is not all about CPW though.  If I’m happy in what I’m wearing for the occasion at hand, that works for me.  Low cost per wear is nice, and a reassurance that our shopping dollars are going to the categories we need, but I’d be lying if I said I thought my grey hoodie was THE buy of the year.  It’s just something I need.  Ya know?

Semantics? I shopped – or did I?

I decided that for Lent I was not going to do any clothes shopping.  Today I had to make a trip to Reno, and Carson City is on the way, where there is a Target store.  This is 45 minutes from my house, so an hour and a half round trip.  I don’t casually drop by there.  It’s a trip unto itself.  Anyway, ever since I first discovered Gilligan & O’Malley modal thongs there, I have not bought another type of underwear. http://www.target.com/p/women-s-modal-thong-gilligan-o-malley/-/A-13222969#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=modal+thong

They are THE ones.  Period.  End of story.  So, today I bought undies.  3 pair, for $15 before tax.  I had them slated on my yearly list, no big deal.  Also slated on my list was a tank and capri lounge/sleep set.  Well, guess who happened to have just that?  Yep – Gilligan & O’Malley yet again.  They don’t look all that special from the pics, but they are oh so soft and the built in bra of the tank is just enough without being constricting.  Total comfort.

This whole category of items is all about comfort and functionality above all.  And that brings me to the title of my post.  What constitutes ‘clothes shopping’?  This category often gets brushed aside or conveniently overlooked.  Obviously a pretty new dress or fun shoes that catch your eye counts as clothing.  But is it only things that are worn outside of the house and seen by others in ‘outfits’?  Or is it anything you put on your body to clothe yourself?  By that definition, socks, and even winter ski gloves or sports bras to run in, qualify as clothes shopping.

I’m still not sure.  Up until now I have considered any item I buy for sleeping in, or as a foundation layer, not ‘clothes’ clothes.  If I say I have 130 items of clothing I am not telling you the number of socks or panties I own.  Ditto, if I say I’m only buying 30 items this year, 2 bras, 6 pair of socks, and 6 panties are not taking up half of my item allotment!   I do count the total dollars in my budget because I am spending the money.  So that tells me they ‘count’ somehow.  I’m just not so sure exactly how at the moment.

So, did I shop or didn’t I????