Ingraining Habits – once a week fix?

This month of moderation of mine has me thinking on habits, good and bad.  For some time now I’ve thought that if I could just do something one day a week, regularly, it would help ingrain it as a solid habit.  I’m still not there but believe this could be key.

Take something you know you should do but continue to put off or find excuses to get around.  Maybe it’s something as mundane as flossing your teeth regularly or maybe it’s a deeper thing like wanting to go meatless in your diet more often.  Surely we can slot one day each week to do these things that we think we should do, and/or want to do, but somehow end up skipping over again and again.

A lifestyle overhaul is daunting and most of us prefer to stay in our comfort zones over the effort it takes to make over your lifestyle.  But, one little thing a week?  How hard is that?  I already run pretty much every week, except for when weather or schedules don’t allow it.  Surely I could add yoga class to that.  If we choose just one thing for each day it becomes a minor investment in time.  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll do it more than once a week.  Flossing Friday might become every other day.  Weight lifting Wednesday might lead me to picking them up on another night during TV commercials, too.

Also, NOT doing something once a week can be a good start.  Want to spend less time online – see if you can’t spend one day unplugged.  Go for a walk outside instead, or pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read.  For me, not wanting to drink wine so often means a day off with no wine at dinner once a week is step one.  Maybe eating out or convenience foods is a bad habit of yours (it is for me!).  Making yourself a meal at least once a week is certainly doable even for us non cooks.

I think I’m ready to try.  Between limiting my wine intake for this month, and the resulting lessons and better utilization of my time, and no clothes shopping for Lent I now find I have the space in my life for these things.  All that is left is to implement these good habits.  One week at a time.

Have you tried a similar approach?  How did it go?  What habits do you really want to instill but never seem to get to ‘stick’ for long?


5 thoughts on “Ingraining Habits – once a week fix?

  1. Last night I came home from work and instead of turning on the news, I read a magazine about health. My cat was snuggled next to me and I didn’t miss the news (or any of the following shows) at all.

    I was struck by something I read in the Comments section of the most recent Daily Connoisseur blog post. Essentially the writer said that for every hour of TV that we watch, we lose an hour that we can never get back. There are very few shows on TV that I truly enjoy, but I sometimes get caught up in shows that I don’t really care about. That needs to stop.

    As I did last night, I would like making evening reading a better habit. I keep up with two newspapers every day, but would enjoy other types of reading too.

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  2. Good thoughts Mo. I need to start a photo book Friday I think. I can get about 2 or 3 things done during my kids’ quiet time. I always pick exercise and generally don’t have the time to do their phot books. Working on it at least one day a week, rather than trying and failing every day, would be a better approach.

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  3. Well I usually am thinking along the lines of, shop less / wear more / eat less / exercise more. Those are the habits a lot of us think about. But sometimes I think, lighten up on the above and work more on my inner self. For example, stop fighting with my brother, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Both easier said than done.

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    • Heh, Denise, my double entendre for that is consume less/do more. And, yes, don’t sweat the small stuff is on my mind lately. My friend who recently passed away unexpectedly was in a minor tiff the last few months with a best friend of over 30 years (they went to high school together back in Baltimore and were roommates on and off for many years out here over the last 2+ decades). Life really is too short to sweat the BS.


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