Little Mo Big Wall

Just for fun.  And since you all haven’t ‘seen’ me in a while.  I took a pic on the way out to work this Friday night.  Yes, it’s a uniform but it’s my least uniformy uniform lol.  A t shirt from the promotional alcohol served that night for live music at the golf course.  The jeans are my most recent ones bought to fill the wardrobe gap of dark skinnies this winter.  They ended up being my pizza parlor uniform almost immediately. The shoes are Dansko Vedas bought especially for waitress work and worn only for that purpose.  Come to find they are now discontinued, which makes me very sad, as they are great for standing on your feet all day, but these ones are starting to sprout holes where the canvas meets the rubber soles.  Not sure how much more life they have in them 😦

I also forgot to mention I got my hair done recently.  Yes, it’s mid winter but I don’t really care if highlights are supposed to be in spring or whatever.  I wanted a pick me up.  And it worked!  I asked for subtle ombre in addition to some face framing highlights and brought in this pic as a guide.  I love it.

I might have mentioned how I recently stopped taking outfit pics and the resulting freedom I felt from it.  I may begin taking pics again.  But just when I feel I really hit the right note with a look or want to see what a new ensemble looks like all together, proportions, colors, etc.  And maybe for fun to share once a month here or something. Seems a fashion blog should have an outfit pic at least once in a while, ha!

I could show you the other uniforms, but it would be as unfashionable as you’d ever see.  A green checker’s apron (too long) over a weirdly not red but not purple polo (too big) and black pants.  Or the black 3/4 sleeve button front over black pants with 80’s era gold brocade vest (also again way too big).  Y A W N.  So, for now let’s just call this the requisite uniform shot.

More to the point, would you like to see more actual outfits from me or is sticking with maintenance talk just fine?   I’m never going to put up a pic every day.  Just NOT happening.  But sharing once in a while could be fun and not feel like work that daily shots would.  You let me know.


3 thoughts on “Little Mo Big Wall

  1. Well…it’s always nice to see your smiling face, but WIW pics aren’t the draw for your blog. In fact, “fashion blog” caught me a bit by surprise. Wardrobe management, shopping, lifestyle blog, etc seem like better fits to me. Regardless, you’re the boss! What do you want to post?


    • yeah, that is a stretch, isn’t it LOL? I should have said wardrobe-centric 😉 I guess since shopping is on the shelf for Lent something needs to fill in the blanks between some of the other themes.


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