Lent – no clothes shopping

So, right up front I should say I am not Catholic.  But I know I need to put the brakes on buying for the season anyway, and it’s that time of year, so why not?   Easter is April 5, right about the time I should be allowing myself a late season pick me up purchase to refresh the cold weather capsule.  Therefore, I’m declaring shopping off the table for the 40 days of Lent.

Normally I’m not a shopping ban fan.  I’ve done them, and some more successfully than others.  Often, I rebound shop when I’m done.  But this year I am more in tune with what I actually need and want to thoughtfully add to my wardrobe.  I’m perfectly okay with nothing new for this period of time.  Heck, I still haven’t worn everything I’ve purchased this winter.  Add to that, my uniform situation for work and truly I do not have enough opportunities to wear all that I have already!

Also worth noting, I got many of the basics and needs that aren’t as fun to buy out of the way.  Nude bra, check.  Black socks for work, check.  2 pair uniform pants, check.  Even new running capris and a running top last week to replace the 4+ year old short sleeve workout tops that are yellowing and need to go.

I do not NEED anything in any category.  The basics, undies, uniforms, workout wear, sleep wear and both cold and warm weather items have all been refreshed within the last 6 months.  Time to put my money where my mouth is and see if a seasonal approach really is possible for me or if I still crave that slow trickle of new items every week or two.  Stay tuned!


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