Progress Report

Being mid-February, it is essentially the halfway point in my winter shopping season.  I am all but done.  I might allow for one more ‘pick me up’ buy in late March and/or April, as I’d originally planned for, but next season’s shop isn’t until May.  Here’s where I stand.

winter shop I

winter shop II

I managed to stick to my list and avoided impulse buys.  Last week I had a couple of close calls, with summery items I didn’t need yet, but backed down.  I’m very happy about this. My one allowance out of season was a designer leather skirt that I thought I’d acquire in fall.  But when a $700 item comes along at $150 I am more than happy to shop out of season.  Also, I am at 10 items, which is a lot, true, but not over my 30 a year limit if I buy this much again my next two shop ‘seasons’.  Truth be told, spring/summer should be lighter since most of last year’s FL purchases fill this category.

Okay, there are 13 items up there, but 2 are uniform pants and one is a uniform shoe. Believe me when I say these are not going to be in my regular closet rotation, and that they were very necessary.  Even more so now that I have been offered the grocery job I’d applied to a few weeks back.  The pizza place allowed jeans or black pants, the grocery and golf course are black pants only.  2 pair are a bare minimum really.

So, basically it’s now all over but for the waiting, or the wearing I should say, ha!  It remains to be seen how well I do with stopping now that I’ve filled my season’s needs.  I have had some moments now that I’m peeling away the distractions in life (shopping being one of them) where I feel very restless and anxious.  And sure, trying to change careers and reintegrating into your life after moving away for over a year are stressful.  But life always has something to throw your way.

Along with careful acquisition, I also got a bit more ruthless with getting the closet pared down.  I am now at extrapolated project 333 numbers, or 132 items.  I took in some items to be altered this week, too.  Things I have still worn as is, but that I always knew would be better with a strap shortened, or a pant leg hemmed an inch.  These alterations might cost me upward of $50 but will be worth it.

Lastly, I’m doing very well on the body maintenance and keeping at a stable size.  I run once a week and getting back to regular work has me moving a lot more overall.  I should hit weights more regularly and/or get into a weekly yoga class.  I will, in good time.  All things considered, I’m right where I want to be with my wardrobe and my shopping plan.  Pretty amazing really.  Here’s to keeping on track for the whole of 2015!!

How is your shopping going?  Did you move to a more seasonal approach?  Is it working?  Do you feel the drive to shop just to fill time or is it falling into its proper place in life priorities?


8 thoughts on “Progress Report

    • I just started this. No, not really. If you look in the bottom pic I used to just have a below $20 target. I might abandon the CPW since I don’t see myself staying on top of recording EVERY single wear. I’m just not that organized. For this year I’ll try and keep on it. It is enlightening to see things like my $15 sweatshirt I wasn’t sure I should keep is blowing away the competition lol.
      More important for me is to see what is not yet getting worn, and think about why, before buying more.


  1. I’m really enjoying your posts and your moderate approach! I’ve just pared down the “main” collection of my wardrobe (excluding shoes, jewellery, scarves, dressy capsule, workout clothes) to an extrapolated 333 annual total of 132 items as well. Do you include all your other items in your 132 count?

    Here’s an older post I wrote about wardrobe numbers:

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    • I do include shoes, dressy items and coats but not workout or lounge in my current totals. I also don’t count purses or scarves (accessories in general) but I only have about 6 of each anyway lol. I’m debating adding workout and lounge to the count in the near future, but for now they are in a drawer, separate from my regular ‘out in the world’ clothing. I will have to check out your post!


  2. You’re doing well to fit dressy clothes, coats and shoes in your total!

    At the moment, I’m focusing on having 132 (or under) main clothing items, plus small ‘capsules’ outside that for dressy items, shoes, jewellery, accessories, hiking gear, shoes, etc.

    It’s taken awhile to get this far, but like you, I’d eventually like to incorporate my other capsules into my 132 items.

    I know the numbers are really quite arbitrary but for me it’s proven an effective way to control my wardrobe size. Without the numbers, I’ve got no real reason to add another piece or two if I see something I like, but WITH the item limits, I find myself naturally either not considering adding anything – or thinking of what a new item would replace.

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      • yes, they are certainly arbitrary but helpful. I’m not as strict to adhere to an exact number but knew I just had too much. 150 was my first benchmark and just this last month or so decided I could really do with less and not miss anything. I do wear a uniform for work so really I have a whole category I don’t need that most do – work wear. I should be able to get by just fine with half what I have. But clothes make me happy and I have the room and the money so I have no issue with my current amounts. I agree that the numbers are mostly a help to guide future shopping and make smarter buys and less impulse ones that are essentially a waste of money.


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