You may have noticed it’s been over a week since my last post. I’m in a holding pattern.  I have a new job where I’m wearing jeans and a logo tee as my uniform.  Also awaiting word on a different job that would require black pants and company shirt.  This leaves me a) not wearing my ‘out in the world’ clothes much and b) needing to focus any shopping on work wear.  Which equates to not a very exciting time for a clothing blog.  Sorry!

I am finding out more about my other categories of clothing besides the most focused on ones that I wear out of the house.  Lounge, work out, work uniforms, and underpinnings are decidedly unexciting, but very necessary.  In fact, this last week, that is ALL I’ve been wearing.  And I’m so happy that I have new socks and bra for work.  No one sees them, true, but not having to adjust and fiddle is awesome.

Going forward, this illuminates my even smaller need for new items to wear outside of work or home.  I’m doing better with bringing in less so far, and I’m gaining some steam on culling the stuff that continues to hang there, season after season.  If I can get both in alignment, I anticipate a much tighter wardrobe that I love all that much more.

And that leaves me with upgrading my ‘other’ categories.
Work uniform:  Since I’m wearing them 5 days a week, why should I settle in any way?  I have black pants on order, and awaiting a sale on some others I have my eye on.  I could use another good pair of shoes, too.  Maybe professional clogs.  The cost per wear would be minuscule by year’s end even if they are $200 shoes.
Workout wear:  I need to replace many of my running tops and need some workout stuff that is street stylish, too, for times when I run with a friend and then go to lunch.  This is a new development for me, as I always ran alone and then headed home to hit the shower.  Happy to have to shop for this capsule!

See, I told you it wasn’t very exciting.  But having what you need, and the best version of that that you can afford, instead of demoted leftovers, is awesome!


3 thoughts on “Stalemate

  1. yes, it does. But I have to say, it’s not nearly as fun to shop for. I still find myself searching for future spring items – slip dresses, a black skirt. I don’t need these things yet but something in me is driven to be looking anyway. Sigh. I still have to learn how to ‘just be’ with what I have.


  2. I used to always wear old sweats and tees as workout wear, mostly because I always thought, “Oh I’ll never stick with it, why spend the money.” Well, I’ve stuck with it for 16 years now, so I guess I can go ahead and get a little spendy! I’ve started with some nice things from Athleta, and I do believe that dressing in nicer workout gear makes me enjoy my workouts more.

    As for your workday wear, definitely buy the best quality you can afford. You wear it every day so the cost per wear will be low.

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