Middle Aged Middles

Now I’m beginning to think the description has more to do with our body shapes than the chronology of our lifespans!  Yes, my near 45 year old middle is not the same as even my 42 year old middle.  I donned a pair of pants last night that I thought I might demote to banquet wear.  They were tighter in the waistband than I’d remembered.  Came to my senses this morning and put them in the sell/donate pile.


I thought back, and the last time I’d worn them was my 42nd birthday, above.  Then I moved to FL and they were not seasonally appropriate so they got left behind.  This happens more than I’d realized.  An item I think I wore ‘just last season’ may have actually been passed over for a year and a half or more because of my moving and only packing the necessary items for that climate. So, what is a gradual shift in my body composition that I don’t notice too much becomes more apparent when I drag that lonely article of clothing back out to wear.

I don’t indulge in body loathing or any of that, but I also don’t prescribe to sticking my head in the sand, buying elastic waists, and pretending that nothing has changed!   I’ve had the good fortune of a very steady body weight most my life, which has allowed me to keep clothes for decades sometimes.  This is changing a little bit now.  That’s okay.  I’m changing with it 😉

Not to get too into it all, but I’m still a size 4, weigh the same, it’s just distributed a little differently.  That one inch moving from my hips to my waist makes rises all that much more important when looking for jeans and pants.  I’ve always had a touch of that high, shelf, hip – I now just have to dress around it a little bit more than in the past.  And if I’m being honest, the bra band area is looking a little softer than years past.  Must pay attention to dressing that rear view as well.

I realize I’m not going to look 25 forever.  Yes, I’ve aged pretty well so far.  But age I have, and will continue to.  Beats the alternative!  Doing it gracefully is the key.  Instead of bemoaning or railing against these body changes I want to accommodate them, and of course do what I can fitness wise to keep myself healthy.  But I know crunches all day and night are not going to magically change my shape.  Hormones win in the end.  That’s just how life is.

So, today I purge the pants of the past.  And I go for a nice afternoon run!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Middle Aged Middles

  1. I have noticed this on myself too Mo.
    I think it is the reason that I am not loving my belts as much these days- the mid rise on most of my pants means that the belt sits right at my biggest spot, and the belt adds extra girth too 😦
    Still, it has lead me more in the direction of higher and better-fitting waist-bands, and less fuss in my outfit choices!

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  2. Oh, let’s not talk about middle-aged middles! I am a good 20 pounds heavier than I was in my early 40s (I’m 50 now). It’s hard to come to grips with a changing body. I’ve always been tall (5’7″) and on the slender side. I’ve gone up two sizes in pants and skirts. I eat a mostly healthful diet, but I do need to get better about portion control and consistent exercise. I’m not on a mission to lose the 20 pounds, as I think that is unrealistic. But I know I would be MUCH happier with my body if it were toned through exercise.


  3. Ah, yes. As I said, I’m not into body bashing but trying to accept what I can’t change. On that note, I know I could hit the weights more. I was in a good rhythm and then when I moved this fall, I fell out of routine. Even just push ups and planks at home for 10 minutes matters. But that said, I know my shape is changing regardless. I always had to dress around my hips/rear in pants with pulling at the base of the zipper and now the waistband is the more snug area. No denying it.


  4. Like you, I’ve been a fairly constant weight most of my adult life, but my middle section is getting harder and harder to manage. It used to respond so well to Pilates, yoga, and jogging, but now it’s just not. Plus we’re locked in this below zero weather pattern so any jogging has to be done on a treadmill, and that gets boring. But I refuse to be one of those women whose midsection keeps expanding with age. The battle lines have been drawn.

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