Culling – A Small Start

I got into the closet yesterday and started getting a little bit more ruthless.  I found a handful of items to let go of.  Most have not been worn much.  The jeans are the exception.  2015 purgeThe pink satin dress and the blue satin shirt I had already pulled aside at the start of the year.  The dress was hard.  My BF picked it out with me on a trip to Seattle for my 40th birthday dinner.  I also wore it Valentine’s Day the following year in New Orleans on vacation.  But it’s tight in the middle now and I have pictures of both of those occasions to remember.  Time to sell it.

Most of these items have fit issues that slated them for tossing.  They were a close fit to start with, and 3, 4, years later look just too snug both with the changing of fashion to a looser silhouette and my shape shifting ever so slightly to straighter and less hourglass.

2 items got demoted.  The blue sweater is cashmere, and cozy and warm but kind of snug, so it is now a lush lounge wear item.  The black satin pants are now going to be banquet attire for weddings (if approved by my mngr).  They got pushed aside by both my dressy Leith track pants and the Vince leather/suede pants.  I know I will never reach for them above the latter items.  Demote!

The other things are going to be sold or donated.  The espadrilles are in a color I’m moving away from in my closet, and the fit is funny where the heels pull away with each step.  I looked at the soles and saw just how pristine they really are.  I bet they only got a dozen wears.  But they’re a brand name so I think resale is possible.

The jeans got lots of wear both at work at my pub job and in my regular outfits for several years.  The style is becoming a bit dated (or very specialized rock n roll cowgirl type that is not me) and the low rise I find myself tugging at.  This was also hard, as they are very flattering on.

Also had trouble with the jacket/shirt.  LOVE the style but it is just too small, much as I wish it weren’t.  I only wore it 3 times.  Oh, if it were only bigger.  Would be a hands down favorite item.  But it’s not.  End of story.  Sell.

The black tops are too snug for today’s fit and were nothing special to start with.  I have 2 other black tops that I will wear first.  Easy to let go.

So this is my first little chunk I chipped away.  Not huge, but I did the easy stuff long ago.  It gets a lot harder as you get into things you still actually really like that are in good condition.  But, if I am not wearing it, I have to ask myself why and decide if it’s a situational thing that might change or something that is a constant that isn’t changing.  (Warm temps vs tight armpits for instance).  I’m confident these items would not magically get a second lease if left in the closet longer.  Their time is done.  They served me well (or not) and are ready to go.   Gulp!


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