Ever find yourself stabbing around at various things online (or in person if possible)?  You know, like an itch you can’t scratch but it doesn’t go away.  Well, that’s part of what’s been going on with my flashy leather skirt I mentioned in my last post.  In addition to that catching my eye, I’ve had a foil tee on my list for well over a year.

TA DA!!  I want shiny.  It doesn’t have to be a skirt, or a top, or shoes.  I just want a metallic, shiny, reflective item.  In fact, the more I thought on it, the less versatile a skirt or top might be. Also in the back recesses of my ‘wantsies’ was a silver backpack, after seeing the very lust worthy Whistles Verity over at http://apairandasparediy.com/2014/02/four-ways-the-backpack.html  I didn’t really put 2 and 2 together, or 3 and 3 I guess lol.  Shiny, yes, of course.  That’s what they all have in common.  A backpack . . . well, that might be just the ticket to give me the flash but still accommodate my casual lifestyle.  What’s more casual than a backpack??  Genius.  If I do say so myself.  Ha ha!

Now comes the part where my ‘seasonal shop’ plans have hit the wall.  My kitty needed a vet visit in the midst of my planned BIG shop month that I did not elucidate to the BF.  Ahem.  The question, “are we going to be having more $700 Visa bills?” came out last night.  Well, no.  Kitty isn’t planning more $350 vet visits was my somewhat glib answer. Neener neener.  Anyway . . .  I will be waiting for my next billing cycle, and therefore stretching my seasonal shop even further.  The good news is, I think the next order could really be IT for the season.  I have a silver backpack and 2 hats I plan to order with free shipping both ways.

Oh, another positive development is my 3rd try for dark skinnies arrived today and they are the ones.  They feel and look like actual denim, not some stretchy jegging fusion item.  And they were $50!  Score.  http://us.mavi.com/product/alexa-skinny-in-dark-kensington.

So my winter season shop should wrap up in 2 weeks.  That’s when the billing cycle starts over and I’ll place the Asos order.  All that’s left is a pair of uniform pants for work, and as I’m doing about 3 or 4 shifts per month right now, I can take my time with those!

How is your seasonal shopping panning out, if you have recently tried switching from a steady stream of new items all year like me?  Did you have unexpected bumps in the road?  Is the shock of all that $$$ at once hard to take?  Or hard for your S.O. to take? 😉


4 thoughts on “Duh.

  1. Mo, I’ve been lurking for a while and want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Your tip on one light neutral, one dark neutral and one print/colour has been an “Ah Ha” moment for me. If I may comment on your style, I think you have a bit of a Rock and Roll/Sporty vibe and I think that metallic anything would look great on you. I have quite a few metallic accessories from various shoe styles to bags (slouchy hobo and little clutch). They are incredibly versatile and cross seasonal. Imogen Lamport (Inside Out Style) wrote a post (or two) about surface texture matching your own skin/hair texture. I realized that this is why I preferred soft, shimmery surfaces (pebbled leather, muted metallics such as pewter) instead of patent leather (too shinny) and suede (too matte). Good luck finding a metallic backpack.

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  2. Hey, thanks! That’s funny that with my limited shared pics you could sense and distill my style like that. Spot on! So glad the tip about not over saturating, just starting with the 3, was helpful for you 🙂


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