The Good Stuff – To Buy or Not to Buy

It’s a common theme with those of us who maybe shop more than the average gal to ‘save’ the good stuff.  Your nice clothes.  The leather, silks, cashmere, designer, what have you.  I am as guilty as anyone of this.  I’m trying to break this habit but it’s been harder for me than fighting the bargain hunting.

My own wardrobe motto is Buy what you will wear and wear what you have.  The reason for this is not only that it is logical, but it addresses two of my main shopping issues – buying items that will actually get worn with my lifestyle and comfort level and then not just having a brief love affair with items and then passing them over.  I really, really want a closet that is both useful and joyful.  Okay, so that’s the crux of my shopping issues in a nutshell.

What is happening lately is I’m finding myself drawn to leather skirts.  Part of me really wants just the right one that’s part bad ass and part sophisticated chic.  I stalk.  I put some in a cart and then virtually ‘walk away’ for a few weeks.  I come back and consider hitting the buy button.  Then I walk away again.

I had a black leather panel skirt.  It was a style I liked, but the fit was just too straight.  I ended up selling it off (way too cheaply) to Twice online.  I’m not sure if half of my hunt is trying to replace and upgrade that item.  I don’t know if it’s more fantasy life or the drive to improve on that ‘almost’ item.  Am I wasting time, energy, and possible money an a ‘good stuff’ item that won’t really get worn much?

To add to my indecision, I’ve only worn my beloved leather/suede pants once.  In my climate, a skirt is much less wearable than pants.  So if I’m not really wearing my leather pants, what makes me think I will wear a leather skirt more?  And if my rational mind is turning these thoughts over, why in the heck does my desire not wane?

Even worse, I’m drawn to the flashy ones.  Not plain black leather.  Oh no.  Usually zippers or uneven hemlines or mixed media. There was a fleeting moment I was going to go for this shimmery metallic one.  If the size had been right on I probably would have!  And maybe that’s it.  It has to be so much a LOVE item that it makes you wear it.

If I’m being totally honest I might still try this skirt.  Sizing is always so iffy that maybe what I think is one too big isn’t at all.  Besides, I wouldn’t want it as snug as the model anyway.  And, yes, the scarcity factor (FOMO) is at play, too.  This is the LAST ONE in any size.  Gasp.

See what I’m doing?  The internal struggle.  Ugh.  So I’m back to – if I love it enough will I wear it no matter how ‘nice’ for my lifestyle it is?  Or will I just be adding pretty things to my closet to look at while I grab the t-shirt and jeans, dressing them up with a jacket and heels for my ‘dressy’ looks?  LOL

Do you struggle between treating yourself with ‘nice’ things but then not really wearing them?  Have you just decided to lower your dressiness level to your environment?  Or do you dress to your own comfort level, environment be damned?  Would you buy this?


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