Bump in the Road – Returns

My planned seasonal shop has hit a snag.  I am finding myself on the returns merry-go-round.  And it’s not so merry.  Besides being plain inconvenient – I have to email my BF labels to print at his work, then drive over 10 miles round trip to the UPS place, but only after 1pm when the window is open – it is dragging out the process to be a month long (or more!).

The whole idea of the big shop in one or two weeks’ time was to get the focus off of constant shopping, hunting, returning, etc.  I am now on my 3rd attempt at dark skinny jeans.  Luckily, I got Amazon Prime trial for the month, which helped speed things up at least a little bit.  Another miss was my long sought-after hat.  It was a touch too big, but the real issue was the ribbon was bent down on the brim, right in front.  Luckily, I got a return label even though hats are stipulated as non-returnable.  It qualifies as damaged.  Bummer it didn’t work out.


So here is what I do have for my winter shop.  A moto/edgy jacket – check!  Returning the colorblock one opened up the possibility for the military vibe one that I adore.  A graphic tee – check and check (I found a graphic sweatshirt too!).  That one may seem easy, but I’m picky with my graphic choices.  They have to mean something to me, and not just be a cool design.  If it’s a concert tee, I better have gone to the show.  If it’s a slogan, it better pertain to me, etc.

What I don’t have is of course what I want most – the dark skinny jeans.  I’m having trouble with the washes.  What looks fine online has either way too much fading and looks fake, or not enough fading, and has that weird, painted on look that also looks fake lol.   Also, since this is a basic, but not a statement for me I don’t want to spend over $100 for them.  I have jeans that cost that much and I don’t mind spending that much for certain kinds.  But these I am going to treat almost like a layering piece.  To go under tall boots and longer tops.  They are meant to fade into the background and let the other pieces stand out.  So, for that, I’m not plunking down $180 for designer prices.

Here are the first 2 I tried off of Amazon and the third I ordered just last night from Mavi directly.

At this point, if the Mavi order does not work out I am going to just hold my horses until I find some in person.  Our TJ Maxx carries some decent brands occasionally but it’s quite hit or miss.  I may have to just keep an eye out for this item, despite my desire to just shop and be done for the season.

So far I have as many returns as successful buys.  Ugh.  But that’s what online shopping can entail.  And where I live I have very little choice.  The upside is that I am very happy with what I did keep.  Better to have less but love it, right?  🙂  I’m hoping that I can either find the time to go in-person shopping more or simply have better luck with the online choices in the future.  Something’s going to have to give if I’m to ever get on the seasonal band wagon!


6 thoughts on “Bump in the Road – Returns

  1. My grandfather made panama hats and always wore hats. Inside of most or many hats can be a ribbon. You can slip a length of additional ribbon, fabric, etc inside that and it tightens the hat.
    What I do is slip in a just-stretched-a-bit elastic that I’ve made into a loop by sewing the free ends together. Works a treat. Can then be secured by a few stitches to that inner ribbon here and there after you know it isn’t so tight as to give you a headache. I also have old fashioned hat pins that go through the hat and your hair but they make me feel like Miss Marple.


  2. Well, I just talked to my BF on the phone and he said, “stop ordering hats!”. Lol. He printed the label. I had ordered an H&M one that came flat as a pancake last year. This one was damaged, too. Oh so wise, he is. “Pick one up somewhere in person.” Yes sir. 😉


  3. Call me cheap but I find mine in the Walmart children’s department for $11… They are plain dark-wash skinny jeans. I can’t imagine spending $100 on such an item. They are such a basic in my eyes. I’d rather spend more on more interesting pieces. Good luck with your search(es) and returns! It doesn’t sound fun!


  4. I agree, repeatedly returning one type of item is a pain. Sometimes I’ve had to quit for a while; other times, the 3rd time’s the charm. I hope that’s the case for your jeans!

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  5. Won’t the UPS guy take your package for return at your house when they are dropping another one? Or maybe you are not home during delivery and/or don’t trust that process?


  6. Sure, if I catch a van, they’ll take what I’ve got. I live in the boonies, so I don’t regularly have a van just coming by lol. Honestly, the hardest part is to get someone to print me a label. Add to that the BF raising his eyebrows 3 labels in. And honestly, I get just tired of miss after miss. I have yet to receive the final attempt by mail. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just wait until I’m in a store at some point.


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