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I purged a good dozen items since coming home this fall and added a select handful.  It was high time to count it all up again, being the start of a new year.  So, off to the closet with my pen and paper I went.  My idea of the right size wardrobe for me hovers around 150 items.  This is considering I have lived just as many months in FL as I have Tahoe over the last 10 years, and therefore have a bit of a dichotomy in my climate needs.  If I stop moving, I imagine this number would drop to maybe 125.


This count is off by 2 shirts.  One being my new graphic sweatshirt that I wasn’t sure to categorize as sweater or long sleeved top, and a grey tee in the wash. Oh, and the notations to add are things I am actively searching for this season.

What I didn’t count was strictly lounge or layer items – things not meant to be seen in public or worn alone.  That would be 4 tanks, 2 tissue weight turtlenecks, 3 leggings, and myriad demoted tees for wearing under PJ sets or with sweats or lounge pants around the house.  Obviously did not count sleepwear.  Also specifically for exercise items.  Adidas running tops, Nike Dri-Fit pants and skirts, prAna yoga sets, etc.  Lastly, I did not count uniform wear.  I have 2 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 1 blouse and 2 pair of shoes that are worn for banquets only and never would I put them on for a ‘regular’ outfit.  Oh, I also have 3 golf polos and 3 logo tees from previous jobs I have not yet purged.  Who knows, I may get the positions back, and spare uniforms at the ready are not a bad idea (I’ve been re-hired several times at both places in the past, so it’s not a crazy idea to think it could happen again.)

Several years ago I started photo documenting my wardrobe.  I took every. single. item. and laid it out to photograph it.  I have since tried uploading stock photos whenever I acquire something new.  I admit a few things have slipped through the cracks.  But, for what it’s worth, here is some of what I do have pics for:




These categories seem to be my most up to date set of pics.  I am missing just one winter white corduroy coat, and actually am right on with the dresses and pants.  (I have to seriously attend to the tops and sweaters catalog. I found only half my sweaters were represented.  Oops.)  As you can see, I have a mix of stock photos and then my own.  I prefer the stock ones whenever possible.  They just make for a cleaner looking catalog.  And speaking of how things are looking, seeing all your similar type items lined up in a row can help you see where too much duplication is happening in your closet.  If 6 of my 10 skirts are black, they better look markedly different from one another, for example.

I played around with a few sites and looked for ways to essentially play paper dolls with my computer images.  Many ladies use Stylebook, but I only had a Kindle for my platform and Stylebook was iPhone, and then later I believe Android.  Anyway, I’m a smartphone rube and most of that goes right over my head.  I found Stylish Girl for Kindle for free and thought,”why not?!”

I don’t use it regularly, but think I might start in this new year.  Actually, I’m debating dropping daily outfits pics altogether.  If I use the app instead, it shows what I wore, but I don’t have to search for lighting in mid winter, crop pics, upload, blah blah blah.  Besides, as I’ve said I’m no model and don’t think daily pics are necessary at this point.  They were very helpful a few years back when I first started but I have a better idea how things look on me, and proportions, etc. I also wonder if daily outfit shots don’t put a certain internal pressure on what we wear.  I am aiming to get more intuitive with it all eventually, despite my analytical nature.  I hope to get to where I just want pics of particular outfits I think are out of the park home runs, and leave the rest be.

One last thought on cataloging your wardrobe.  It can really help hit home just how much stuff you really have when you start to contemplate pulling it all out to photograph it.  That alone was a big wake up call for me.  I was moving at the time, so it was easier, but still.  And to continue, taking care to keep track each time you buy something new also keeps you aware of how much you are bringing in.  It takes the mindlessness out of shopping.

Have you cataloged your wardrobe?  If taking pics is a daunting idea, have you even just counted it?  Or are you plain not interested in dissecting it?


5 thoughts on “What I Have

  1. I’ve culled mine down to 66 for the year. I live in the subtropics so I don’t need coats and only a couple of jackets. The Project 333 Pinterest site is helpful and that is where I post my pics. I used to have around 200 items I think, but I think 66 should be plenty. I don’t count gym and sleepwear though.


    • Thanks for sharing! I had around 80 or 85 items with me while living in FL last year. It was definitely enough. I did find warmer weather items tend to need replacing more often than my colder Tahoe stuff does. So I might have less at a time, but I needed to buy more often to replace and update. For instance, tank tops would last maybe 2 seasons whereas I have sweaters here for 4 or 5.


  2. I don’t have a pictorial catalog, but I do keep an Excel spreadsheet tracking every. single. piece I own. Including loungewear, exercise clothes, and jewelry. That was definitely an investment in time, but I’ve kept up with it and found it really useful. Originally the purpose was to keep track of my split-across-two-states wardrobe.

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  3. Ah, I can relate to the split in different states wardrobe! Never really thought about that, but yeah, some things have never left my Tahoe closet. They would be absurd in Florida lol!
    I hear you on the time investment in getting everything cataloged, but agree the usefulness to me was well worth it.


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