Winter Shop, So Far

I seem to be having no problem doing a ‘big’ shop all at once!  Yikes.  It remains to be seen if this will quell the urge for some time to come.

Although I’m trying to get over the budget shock of shopping this way, my BF has no idea I’ve switched gears and is no doubt going to wonder WTF.  Not to mention, I am extremely underemployed at the moment.  In part, this is why I’m being conscious of my credit card cycle.  It ends about a week before the month is up, so if I spread the purchases on both sides of the closing date, it won’t be a huge amount all on one month.  Yes, I am still doing all the purchasing within a couple weeks’ time, but it goes on 2 separate months’ bills.  This relieves me more than I care to admit!

Here is what is on its way:

I had already recently acquired the following items and am slating them in the winter shop even though they were bought a bit early.

This already puts me squarely in the top of my planned amounts for the ‘big’ first month of the shopping season (4-6 items).  And yet I still have a couple of things I truly need.  They are basics or necessities.  Not as fun to shop for.  But ignoring them isn’t doing me any favors.  They are uniform work pants and a nude bra, also for work.  With white banquet shirts, the need for a good bra becomes very apparent.

True, my banquet season is over and I’ll be lucky to work 2 or 3 days a month until spring, but I don’t want to delay the search for these items until it becomes a time crunch.  I want to take my time and find just the right version of them.  They’ll be some of the most worn items in my closet and I want to make good choices that I’ll be happy with, day in and day out.

I am happy that I did at least get the hoodie and work shoes.  They are also more needs than wants, and therefore less exciting to shop for.  My dark skinny jeans could almost be slated as a need, as well, since I discovered the wardrobe hole when pulling on winter boots week after week with no plain jean to wear under them.

Besides the needs, I like that I can see a cohesive style behind my other purchases, the wants.  I’ve been looking to exude a more rock n’ roll vibe, without being over the top with it.  Stuff I can wear in my more casual life, but that packs some style punch without being out of place or obtrusive.

I also had a couple near misses.  The returns.  I’d say both were about an 8 out of 10.  But I have enough stuff.  And adding 8’s isn’t going to further my wardrobe.  The jacket was just too boxy.  The pants looked great on, but were a tad too low rise.  Being that these were to be a uniform, worn several times a week, I thought it best to hold out for better fit and comfort.

Finally, here is how the budget is shaping up so far:

winter budget so far

I had figured on the average price per item at $50, so this is a great start.  I know some things will be $10 and others $150 or more, but the average is one I am comfortable with for most items.  I envisioned about $250 or $300 for the ‘big’ shop in the first month, with subsequent months in each season coming in at $50 or $100.  Just small refreshers.  Likely tops or tees.

I did not buy boots nor a coat in this winter’s ‘haul’.  But I’d bought a wool walker coat at the tail end of fall, and instead bought a jacket in winter that I might otherwise have slated in the fall buying cycle.  Boots I have plenty of, and need to chip at the cost per wear.  Too many moves to FL has upended the normal wearing cycle.  I have catching up to do!

Hope that wasn’t too convoluted.  As I said, this is my first try at the seasonal thing so I’ll see how it goes.  Also, crossing fingers and toes that the online orders work out and don’t have to be returned.  Will keep you all posted.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Winter Shop, So Far

    • thanks! I stumbled upon the hat last night after months, as you know, of looking around. I’d originally wanted a burgundy, but once I got my bright berry coat, a charcoal or black made more sense 😉


  1. Love the 3 items on their way! Perfect for you. This may not be helping, but if it were me, I just don’t think I’d count uniform pieces in my item count. Keeping them in the budget seems right, but counting them as a wardrobe addition (if the only place you will ever wear them is to work) seems unnecessary.

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    • Thanks, I’m excited for them to come! Yeah, I hear you on the uniform. It should maybe go under basics/essentials on the bottom of my list. But definitely in the budget. EVERYTHING goes in the budget.


  2. A little footnote – the jeans are going back. The fading looks like ‘baboon butt’ and does my thighs no favors lol. And the whole idea of splitting the cost into two billing cycles was thwarted by my credit card company’s closing date changing miraculously to the 29th. Ugh.


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