Seasonal Shopping – how will it look?

This is all still in the idea phase for me.  I imagine I might struggle with my first outing (whether online or in person) for more than just a single item.  I have been stringing out my purchases little by little for years now, to keep the spending under control.  But I think that’s also gotten me used to a steady stream of new things every week or two.  Buying a whole outfit (or two!) at once will be a bit of sticker shock I’m sure.

Here is how I think my item needs will shake out, season by season.  Since my birthday is mid May and Christmas is the start of winter, they seemed like good seasonal markers for me.  (Not to mention I already tend to do more shopping at those times, spurred by gift money.)  Rounded out by fall, the BIG style season of the year.  This also relates better to the cold – hot – temperate way I tend to view my closet than using the traditional four seasons or just S/S and F/W would.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe numbers indicate how I hope to group the majority of my purchases into the first month and then space out a couple more at the tail end of each of the three seasons I’ve divided the year into.  Again, I am trying to be more organic and less structured with this all, but a rough guideline of when I will find certain items in the retail market is helpful for me.

Some things are clearly seasonal, like shoes.  I want to buy just 4 pair a year, and know I want to budget for one pair each of boots, sandals, and flats and then a sneaker or clog or some other transitional style each year.  That’s easy figuring which shoe for each season.  Ditto things like shorts for summer and a coat in winter.  Also sleeve lengths for shirts by season – tanks for summer, short sleeved transitional and long sleeves in winter.  The rest is more of a mixed bag.  That’s where thinking in terms of a whole new outfit, or look, comes in.  I’m sure I will still find that screaming off season deal or two, but by and large, I want to buy what I need when I will be wearing it, not 6 months before.

I anticipate still wanting a new item or two most months despite the attempt to switch to 3 big shops a year.  Old habits die hard and I think it better to figure in a safety valve of sorts in seasonal refreshers.  Otherwise, I fear I will feel I’m on a dreaded shopping ban and react with over shopping.

Do you have any ideas about how you are going to approach seasonal shopping, if you are also planning to switch to that method?  Are you afraid of the lump sum cost of one big trip?  I know I am!   Guess the only way to get past it is to do it!  [gulp]  Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Seasonal Shopping – how will it look?

  1. I think about a comment Angie made on YLF that if you shop at the beginning of the season you get the best selection and you get to wear the item throughout the entire season.
    I find that I made mistakes when I shop too much ahead of the current season, but I get more coordinated outfits when I shop in-season.
    For things like shoes, which change less from year to year I sometimes shop totally out of season, checking sites like where the best buys are on things absolutely out of season. I find that good quality shoes are often marked-down the most at their seasonable opposite, so I’d be buying sandals in January and boots in June/July.


  2. It just occurred to me that I often crystalize my ‘wants’ in a big chunk, but then drag out the purchasing of said things. So, in theory, if I just go out and get most of that season’s ‘wants’ on the list to start off, I am making that switch over to the seasonal big shop. it is in the doling out of the $100 here and the $150 there that I have strung out the whole scenario throughout the year.
    Hmm, how did this not occur to me before? I swear, things still hit me over the head with their obviousness. LOL


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