Crazy Pants Casual

I live a casual life.  I don’t go to an office.  I don’t live in a city.  I rarely have need to dress up.  Actually, I’d draw odd glances if I did.  But I still like to have fun with what I wear.  I don’t have to live in blue jeans and hoodies just because half the town does.

Last week running about town I wore some of my ‘crazy pants’.  The ikat my BF has dubbed icky cat, which totally makes me smile 🙂  Wore them to shop for uniform pants and shoes for a new job I’m starting this week.  Struck out in town at Kmart and TJ Maxx. Went online for them.  But I also ended up meeting up with a GF impromptu for tacos, so it was nice to not be caught in grubby duds.

Later that week I went on a movie date with my BF to see Hunger Games at a matinee.  We grabbed a quick bite at a taqueria first.  I ended up hitting the grocery store afterwards, while he visited at his mom’s.  Ran into a good friend I hadn’t seen in a few years.  Again, glad to be presentable for the chance encounter.

Funny, my BF thought the blue python velvety pants were more crazy than the ‘icky cat’ but I thought they were lower contrast, so therefore more subdued.  It’s all relative, as neither pair I would call subdued!


Both pair of pants are from last fall/winter season but both open weave sweaters are new this fall.  I figured I may as well wear these printed pants whenever, wherever, before they become outdated.  Yes, most folks are not running around in loud printed skinnies, but I don’t mind sticking out a bit.  It’s when I start to look like the crazy lady who didn’t realize what decade it is that I’ll start to question them! 😉

This week is all about uniforms, as I start the new job at the pet store, and have 2 more shifts of banquets.  7 shifts, 2 doubles.  No time for crazy pants this week.  Just black, black, black.  Yawn.


5 thoughts on “Crazy Pants Casual

  1. You’re starting a job at a pet store????? OMG – that’s great! (unless its one of those that sells puppies from puppy mills?) Oh, never mind – I need to move on to your crazy pants! LOVE them both! And, actually I don’t think of them as all that crazy/loud because the color combinations are pretty “tame.” – black and white – and blue and white. Anyway, I’m glad that you’re having fun with them – and I am soooo in agreement with you that it’s a good idea to dress in something other than grubby duds, even when simply running errands. It makes those spontaneous meet-ups even that much more enjoyable. Never do you have to apologize for what you’re wearing! Hahaha – like I do that! 😉

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    • Pet Supermarket – no puppies, just small animals and we help adopt out kitties 3 at a time 😀 I have to get used to crickets and the tarantula, but the bunnies and kitties balance that out!
      And amen to not having to apologize for ‘errands clothing’ on unexpected encounters.


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