Laundry Doesn’t Lie

Many ladies have systems to track their wears.  I am not a big spreadsheet person, despite my love of numbers and counting.  Honestly, I had to find a template in Windows and tweak it to make it into a budget.  No idea how to build my own lol.  I still have that free spirit thing, wrestling with the inner analyst I suppose.  I don’t track wears.  The closest I get is listing big ticket items whose Cost Per Wear is over $20.  I use tally marks for each $20 and as I wear the item, I subtract a tally.

hit list

The budget spreadsheet hack with side CPW ‘hit list’

So, beyond my big ticket items, I don’t track cost per wear or frequency of wears.  But I sure do know what gets worn and what doesn’t!  Because . . . laundry doesn’t lie.  Whenever I am folding a load I see the proof right in front of me of what I am wearing the most.  And, truth be told, these days the laundry is 50% sleep/lounge, about 25% workout and uniform, and only 25% regular outfits, for lack of a better term.

This makes sense for my life right now. Work is only a couple days a week and it’s getting colder, so I manage maybe one day out in running gear when it’s warm enough.  I head out to run errands, grocery shop, or go have lunch with a friend maybe 2 or 3 times a week.  Those are really the only instances right now I have need to ‘dress’ for.  So it follows that my laundry load is full of PJ’s and lounge tees.

This should drive home even more that I do not ‘need’ more clothing, more variety, the newest sweater shape.  I barely get my wardrobe out into the world 3 days a week.  I really am wearing my sleep and lounge just as many days, staying home.  Luckily, I have a vast and varied sleep capsule!   My BF for years has gotten me flannel sets for Christmases. If I have more than enough variety with a dozen sleep sets for the season, surely my 100+ clothing items hanging in the closet are enough for the other half of my time!!

When you start to imagine all the new things you are ‘missing out’ on and wishing you could add to your wardrobe, pay close attention to the next laundry day and see if you really need to add another sweater, or dressy track pants, or jeans to the rotation.  Conversely, take a look at whether those socks and layer tops are a bit worn or dingy.  Maybe the everyday items need an update much more than you need a pretty new thing.

If you keep buying cute skirts, sparkly tops, and high heels, but in reality are wearing yoga pants, slip on shoes and sweatshirts to run out the door in a hurry, heed your laundry.  It’s trying to tell you something. 😉


4 thoughts on “Laundry Doesn’t Lie

  1. So true! I often think of adding the more exciting, stand out pieces, but then find myself in need of another basic white cami or black turtleneck to complete an outfit. I definitely struggle with having enough basics. Kind of in the same vein as looking at my laundry, I try to focus on how I really feel when wearing an outfit. If I feel really awesome, I know that what I am wearing really works for me and I need to wear more outfits like that.

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  2. Haha, you caught me! On the third day (I know, gross) of the same black socks, I realize I need to replenish this basic. Where do all the socks go? Little doggies take them a lot, but I definitely believe there is a sock fairy or something, who likes just one of any pair of socks! Actually, now that I think about it, I need more of other colors too. The fairy has been busy this year! Certainly not a clothing item that is offered in my many “SALE” e-mails. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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  3. Actually the socks go through a black hole and magically appear inside tents on youth outings. I work with a co-ed organization for kids age 10-16 and there’s almost always one or two socks that left at the end of the campout that belongs to none of them! Granted, in the girls tents they are pink and child-sized…. not black, but….

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